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Certificate Settings

You can configure your SSL certificate settings based on your certificate needs. All certificates in Anypoint Partner Manager are securely stored in Anypoint platform’s secrets manager. It uses a secure vault technology to store and control access to private keys, passwords, certificates, and other secrets.

You can:

  • Use a CA-signed certificate where no upload is necessary.
    You do not require an additional certificate because this endpoint already uses a CA-signed certificate.

  • Upload your own, self-signed certificate.
    You can upload a new certificate (in <certifcate name>.PEM format), or view all the certificates available for use with this endpoint setup.

  • Enable an insecure connection for local testing that doesn’t perform certificate validation.
    You can use Allow insecure connection.

If a single certificate is uploaded, Partner Manager prevents you from deleting your only certificate. Otherwise, you can delete any certificates that are not deployed or associated with endpoints.

Information provided for each certificate:

Authority is the certificate provider.

Serial Number is from the certificate.

Status Active is shown with a green icon or Inactive is shown with a red icon.

Endpoints are the number of endpoints where it is used.

Start Date is the date from when the certificate can be used.

Expires is the date from when the certificate can no longer be used.

Days to expiration is the countdown to the expiration date.

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