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Activity Tracking

B2B transactions often communicate contractual obligations between companies. Due to the sensitivity of this information, it is desirable (and often necessary) to track transmissions and store both transmission content and metadata. Metadata includes things like the date and time the transmission was sent or received, the identity of the partner, and the success or failure of processing. Uses for this data include:

  • Nonrepudiation

  • Auditing

  • Correlation of acknowledgments

  • Error reporting

Anypoint Partner Manager allows you to monitor trading partner transmission activity. Activity is the complete set of end-to-end events related to transmission metadata, messages, and errors that are involved in processing a transmission.

You can:

  • Search for message metadata (such as partner name, message type, filename, control number, endpoint, or date received).

  • View and download the original payload related to the transmission.

  • Review errors and acknowledgement payloads.

Track Message Flow Activity

After you have established a message flow, you can track its activity.

  1. Open Anypoint Partner Manager.

  2. Select Activity from the left navigation.

  3. Locate a transmission you are interested in viewing. Use the search box to find the transmission based on the:

    • trading partner name

    • message type

    • filename

    • control number

    • endpoint

    • date the file was received

  4. Select the transmission and review the summary information. The summary information contains:

    • The status of the transmission indicating either a success (Green checkmark) or failure (red circle with an exclamation point).

    • The name of the file that was received.

    • The control number associated with the file (if available).

    • The receiving endpoint at which the file was received.

    • The date and time when the file was received.

    • The types of messages received (Depending on the message flows you configured).

    • The number of messages received in the file.

  5. Scan the Transmission Flow sections for an exclamation point (!) in any of the rectangle boxes next to the displayed flow stages. This indicates there is an issue with the transmission.

    The Transmission Flow section shows the steps the file was processed in. For example, if:

    • the file was successfully received and routed

    • an acknowledgement was sent back to the trading partner

    • the message was appropriately transformed and routed to the target endpoint

  6. Click View Payload to view and download the original payload that was received. Examining this can help determine where there might be a problem in the message flow.

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