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Message Flow Definition and Requirements

A message flow is the path along which a message travels from its source, through a DataWeave transformation map, to its target. You set up message flows to receive messages between your systems and your trading partners. Your organization is typically referred to as the host. The enterprise or customer you interact with is referred to as your trading partner.

To receive messages from a trading partner, create a message flow and configure the sections for the source, DataWeave map, and target.

The source of the message flow is defined by the partner; a receiving endpoint at the host, often an API; and the message type you receive from the partner.

The DataWeave transformation maps are the ones your organization uses for B2B transformations and were created using Anypoint Studio before using Partner Manager.

The target is the final destination of a message flow and is defined by a host message type and endpoint, often a host API.

To configure the source section of the message flow, you need the following information:

  • The partner’s name and associated identifiers (such as X12-ISA, X12 GS, and so on)

  • The endpoint where you, as the host, receive transmissions

  • The message type to process for this message flow (such as X12, 4010, 850, and so on)

  • The endpoint where your partner might want to receive an acknowledgment related to the messages they send

  • A DataWeave map to transform the received message contents into a format you can use

To configure the target section of the message flow, you need the following information:

  • The message type your system understands.

This is also the format into which DataWeave map transforms received messages.

  • The endpoint in your organization where you route the transformed message.

If a separate URL is required for returning MDNs, it is sent in the AS2 transmission and Anypoint Partner Manager reads it from there.

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