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Create, Configure, and Update Trading Partners

The Partner Manager Partners page lists all the configured trading partner profiles.

On the Partners page, you can:

Required Information

To create a new partner, you need the following information:

  • The partner’s name (usually the name of the company).

  • Partner identifiers (such as the AS2 ID, X12-ISA, X12 GS, and so on).

Create a Partner

  1. From within your Anypoint Partner Manager environment, select Partners from the left navigation.

  2. Click New partner.

  3. In Name, enter a name that easily identifies your partner.

  4. Select an identifier from the Type list:

    • AS2 Identity

    • Reference ID

    • X12-GS

    • X12-ISA

  5. In Identifier Value, enter a value to uniquely identify your partner.

  6. If you selected X12-ISA as the Type, you must also select a Qualifier from the list.

  7. Click Create partner to create your trading partner.

You can now set up message flows for this trading partner or continue to update this partner.

Update a Partner’s Profile

You can add and update the following information for each trading partner from the Partners tab in the left navigation:

  1. In Partner Manager, select Partners in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the partner for whom to update the profile.

  3. Under the About section, click Edit to add or update the following information:

    • Description
      Provide a brief description of your partner’s business, what kind of trading relationship your organization has with them, and so on.

    • Website
      Enter a valid URL to your trading partner’s website.

    • Logo
      Upload a logo for your trading partner. Supported logo file formats are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .svg.
      The maximum file size is 30KB.

    • Corporate address
      Provide a complete address that includes the Street, City, State, Postal code, and Country.

    • Add contacts
      You can add up to three contacts associated with a trading partner’s profile. You can also delete contacts from here.

      Available contact types are:

      • Business

      • Technical

      • Other

  4. Click Save.
    A message confirms that the partner’s profile is successfully updated.

View a Partner’s Details

After you create a new partner, you can view and update details for the partner:

  1. In Partner Manager, select Partners in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the partner to view its details and make updates.
    From the partner’s detail page you can:

    • Add information about your partner along with contact details.

    • Add partner endpoints (where you send and receive messages to and from your partners, including acknowledgment endpoints).

    • Specify EDI message format preferences for your partner (such as X12), and any associated validations such as the need for acknowledgments (like TA1, 997, 999, and so on).

    • Specify the message types to use.
      For example, a purchase order in X12 is an 850 message. You also need to know the X12 version to use in your transactions (such as 004010, 005010, and so on).

    • Add your partner’s digital certificates (such as an X.509 certificate).

You can also configure validation, acknowledgment, control number, and character set settings applicable to all message flows for the trading partner.

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