Create AS2 Host Keystore

Keystore Settings

Use these AS2 host keystore settings for AS2 receive and send endpoints:

Setting Description Required

Keystore name

The unique name of the keystore. The value in this field is automatically generated, which you can subsequently modify manually.


<Host> public certificate

The digital certificate of your organization. This certificate is based on the RSA algorithm for the AS2 transport protocol.


<Host> private key file

The private key.


Key passphrase

The passphrase for your private key.


Create a Keystore

To create an AS2 host keystore that you can reuse in subsequent new endpoint configurations:

  1. In the navigation menu, select the host.

  2. In the Endpoints section, click New.

    The New Endpoint window appears.

  3. In the New Endpoint window, select values in the Usage and Protocol fields according to the type of endpoint using the keystore.

  4. In the <host> keystore section, click Select.

  5. In the Select a <host> keystore window, click New.

  6. Complete the fields of the New keystore for <host> window:

    1. In the Keystore name field, enter a unique name for the keystore.

    2. In the <host> public certificate field, click Choose file, navigate to your public certificate, and then click Open.

    3. In the <host> private key file field, click Choose file, navigate to your private key file, and then click Open.

    4. In the Key passphrase field, enter a passphrase for your private key.

  7. Click Upload keystore.

    The newly created keystore appears in the Select a <host> keystore window and the keystore is saved. You can either continue to create an endpoint or you can close the window.

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