Workflow: Install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition

This topic describes the workflow for installing Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition.

Before performing this workflow, ensure that you have verified the prerequisites described in Workflow: Install and Verify Prerequisites.

  1. Install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition. You can use the GUI-based installation wizard or run an automated installation from the command line.

  2. Create a load balancer as described in To Create a Load Balancer.

  3. Perform additional installation tasks as described in To Perform Additional Installation Tasks.

  4. Ensure that you have configured your system to perform regular backups. See About Backup and Recovery.

  5. Configure an external authentication provider. See To Configure LDAP in Anypoint Platform Private Cloud

  6. (Optional) Delete the default Anypoint Platform user created during installation. See To Delete the Local User after Installing Private Cloud Edition.

  7. (Optional) Install Anypoint Platform for PCF

    To deploy your applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, complete the Workflow: Install, Configure, and Use Anypoint Platform for PCF.

After completing the steps in this workflow, you can deploy and manage applications, register APIs and use the API Exchange on an Anypoint Platform environment running on your own local network.

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