Creating a Virtual Machine using VMWare

When setting up a VMWare virtual machine, ensure that you specify the root device as 50GB (or larger) as described in the following:

Disk setup
Disk setup

After finishing, VMWare displays the properties of your virtual machine similar to the following:

Initial VM settings

Next, you must add the three other devices required for installation (HDD2, HDD3 and HDD4). To add devices, click the "Add…​" button, and select "Hard Disk":

Select Hard Disk

Select "Create a new virtual disk".

Create a new virtual disk

Set the size to 100GB for HDD2.

Size this disk to 100GB

When finished adding the disk, create another disk for HDD3. This disk should be at least 250GB:

Size this disk to 250GB

Next, create another disk for HDD4. This disk should be at least 100GB:

Size this disk to 100GB

Finally, create another disk for HDD5. This disk should be at least 20GB:

Size this disk to 20GB

When finished, your virtual machine displays 5 disks, similar to the following:

Finished virtual machine settings

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