To Configure SMTP in Anypoint Private Cloud

Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition requires that you set up your own SMTP email server to deliver email alerts generated by API Manager and Runtime manager. The SMTP email server also sends email messages for platform infrastructure alerts, including CPU, memory, and disk alerts.

Only SMTP servers with Authentication are supported (i.e. Anonymous SMTP Relay servers are not supported).
SMTPS is not supported.

The procedures in this topic describe how to connect to an existing SMTP server. Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition does not provide an SMTP server.

  1. From Anypoint Platform, select Access Management.

  2. Click the SMTP tab.

  3. Provide the following information for your SMTP server:

    on premises features 2c60a
    Field Description Example


    The host name of your SMTP server


    The port used to communicate to your SMTP server



    The username to authenticate to your SMTP server


    Your SMTP password


    You must provide a username and password for your SMTP server. Anonymous logins are not supported.
  4. After entering your configuration, click the Save.

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