To Setup Alerts for CPU and Memory Usage

Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition sends alert emails when CPU and memory usage reach a certain threshold:

  • A warning email is sent when CPU and memory usage reach 70% of capacity.

  • A critical email is sent when CPU and memory usage reach 80% of capacity.


To ensure that alerts work correctly:

  • Verify that your SMTP server can send and receive emails using the addresses you configure as the From and To addresses below.

  • Verify that your cluster nodes are able to communicate with your SMTP server. For example, use telnet to connect to your SMTP server from one of your cluster nodes:

    telnet 587
    Trying XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX...
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP
    telnet> quit
    Connection closed.

Configuring Alerts

  1. Configure the FROM and TO email addresses:

    1. Login to the Ops Center console, then click Configuration.

    2. From the Namespace drop-down, select kube-system.

    3. From the Config maps drop-down, select alerting-addresses.

    4. Select the From tab, then enter the FROM email address used for the alert.

    5. Select the To tab, then enter the TO email address used for the alert.

  2. Configure your SMTP email server. Configuring the SMTP server in Access Manager restarts the Anypoint Platform service responsible for initiating the alerts.

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