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Add Whitelist Addresses for API Platform Proxies

This topic describes how to add whitelist addresses for API Platform Proxies in Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition. By default, proxy requests are enabled to the domain name where the platform is running.

To add whitelist addresses:

  1. Login to Ops Center, the click then select Configuration.

  2. Select the api-platform-web-config config map from the drop-down list.

  3. Locate the features object in the local.js tab:

    features: {
        alerts:             false,
        analytics:          false,
        cloudHubDeployment: false,
        hybridDeployment:   true,
        segmentio:          false,
        proxyWhitelist:     true
  4. Ensure that the proxyWhitelist property is set to true.

  5. Locate the proxyWhitelist object in the same tab.

    proxyWhitelist: {
        allowLocalhost: false,
        allowPlatformHost: true,
        rules: []

    The proxyWhitelist object contains the following properties:


    Enables proxy requests to be made to the localhost address.


    Enables proxy requests to be made to the same domain where the platform is hosted.


    Defines an array containing regular expressions to create matching rules.

  6. Update the rules array as necessary. The following example shows how to define regular expressions to allow requests to be made to the and domains, where * can be any part of a DNS name or URL:

    proxyWhitelist: {
        allowLocalhost: false,
        allowPlatformHost: true,
        rules: [
  7. Click Apply to save changes to the api-platform-web-config config map.

  8. Recreate the pod to ensure each node in the cluster uses the most current configuration:

    kubectl delete pod -l microservice=api-platform-web

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