Troubleshoot Mule Runtime Engine Registration

If you encounter an error when performing the steps in Create a Server in Runtime Manager:

Before registering Mule runtime engine, you must configure Mule to trust the TLS certificates you configured:

  1. Get the public certificate for Mule runtime engine.

  2. Add the certificate to the truststore of the JVM you are using for the Mule runtime engine.

    For example:

    $ keytool -printcert -sslserver $ANYPOINT_DNS:443 -rfc > /tmp/anypoint.crt
    $ keytool -importcert -alias -keystore /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts -storepass changeit -file /tmp/anypoint.crt

    In the previous example, $ANYPOINT_DNS should be set to your DNS for Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition. Replace the location and password for your JVM’s truststore.

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