Allow Addresses for API Platform Proxies

By default, proxy requests are enabled for the domain name where the platform is running.

To allow addresses:

  1. Log in to Ops Center and select Configuration.

  2. Select the api-manager namespace from the right drop-down menu and then select the api-platform-web-env config map from the left drop-down menu.

  3. Select APW_FEATURES_PROXYWHITELIST and ensure that value is set to true.

    If not, set it to true and then select Apply.


  5. Write your rules separated by commas.

    The following example defines regular expressions that allow requests to be made to the and domains, where * is any part of a DNS name or URL:

  1. Select Apply to save changes to the api-platform-web-env config map.

  2. Re-create the pods to ensure that each node in the cluster uses the most recent configuration:

    kubectl delete pod -n api-manager -l component=api-platform-web

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