Gather Environment Information

During installation, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition license file. For example, license.pem. Contact your MuleSoft representative for assistance.

  • Name and location of the installation package. For example, /home/ec2-user/anypoint-2.0.3-installer.tar.gz. Contact your MuleSoft representative for assistance.

  • AWS credentials

    • Admin ID

    • Admin email address

    • Admin password

  • IP address for each server in the cluster

  • Device names

    • System state directory

    • Application data

    • etcd

    • Docker

  • NFS server information

    • DNS for NFS server

    • NFS server path

    • PLATFORM_DNS (The DNS must be configured to the NFS server.)

  • Anypoint Platform organization and administrator:

    • Administrator username

    • Administrator email

    • Administrator password

  • SMTP server credentials

    • Host name

    • Port used to communicate to your SMTP server

    • User name to authenticate to your SMTP server

    • SMTP password

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