Troubleshoot Mule Runtime Engine Registration

If you encounter a Mule runtime engine registration error when creating a server in Runtime Manager, you might need to configure Mule to trust the TLS certificates you are using.

To do so:

  1. Get the public certificate for Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition.

  2. Add the certificate to the truststore of the JVM you are using for the Mule runtime engine.

Using the following example, set $ANYPOINT_DNS to your DNS for Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition. Replace the keystore location and password for your JVM truststore.

$ keytool -printcert -sslserver $ANYPOINT_DNS:443 -rfc > /tmp/PCE_Certificate.cer
$ keytool -importcert -alias anypoint.my-company -keystore <path to keystore> -storepass changeit -file /tmp/PCE_Certificate.cer

For more information about the CA certificate truststore, refer to your JVM vendor’s documentation: for example, Oracle documentation.

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