Anypoint Studio October 2014 Release Notes

October 14, 2014

MuleSoft is pleased to announce the release of Anypoint Studio October 2014

Current Release Versions

Enterprise Runtime

ESB Runtime

Version: 3.5.2

Anypoint* Studio*

Version: October 2014

Anypoint DevKit

Version: 3.5.2


Version: 1.5.0

SAP Connector

Version: 2.2.4

New Features and Functionality

This version of Studio may be used with different runtimes. With the latest GA runtime, 3.5.2, the following features are added:

  • Added support for JCo 3.0.11 . Upgrading requires changes in your project structure. Please see the documentation for more details.

  • DataSense improvements : APIkit and the Message Properties Transformer are now supported.

  • DataMapper now supports JSON schema for describing input and output structures.

  • A license is no longer required for running tests with Maven as of Mule 3.5.2 and 3.6.0-M2.  

  • Support for Bitronix Transaction Manager

If you install the early access 3.6.0-M2 runtime, projects built with it have access to the following features in Studio:

  • HTTP Connector (beta) : Mule 3.6.0-M2 includes a new HTTP connector which makes it easier to connect to RESTful HTTP services. Built in RAML capabilities make it easy to see what resources and methods a service supports and the input and output payloads using DataSense.

  • Runtime Launcher (beta) : Studio now includes a new application launcher which allows multiple Mule applications to be run concurrently. To enable it, go to the preferences for Anypoint Studio and check, “Enable new Mule Runtime Launcher (ESB 3.6.0+)”

Hardware and Software System Requirements

For most use cases, Anypoint Studio with 3.5.2 Runtime does not change the hardware and software system requirements established by Mule Studio (December 2013) with CloudHub Mule Runtime (December 2013).

MuleSoft recommends a minimum of 4GB RAM on a developer workstation. As applications become complex, consider adding more RAM.

Contact MuleSoft with any questions you may have about system requirements.

Important Notes

To run projects that use runtime 3.6.0-M2, you must have JRE version 1.7 installed and selected in Studio, as this runtime is no longer compatible with older versions of Java.

Verify that Studio is using this version of Java by going to Preferences > Java > Installed JREs.

To see a list of depreciated items in 3.6.0 Runtime, see Mule ESB 3.6.0 Release Notes.

New or Fixed in This Release

Bug Fixes


An unknown element is encountered but doesn’t validate against the schema


Message Properties component loses the values related with the properties if you don’t press the 'enter' key when you do the input


Problem when applying update changes without restarting Studio


Add a validation that prevents the user from creating the same JDBC query in the connector and endpoint with the same name


WMQ XA connector is not offered in the auto-completion feature


Error due to no-expression in choice router isn’t visible


Unable to change doc:name for choice, all, round robin and first successful


All Message Router: 'All properties' tab should be removed in Studio CE


Add default value #[] for expressions in return arguments in the expression transformer


JDBC inbound endpoint should have an empty queryTimeout if not specified.


Examples: add/correct the 'version' attribute


If you delete multiple elements from the UI the undo button is not enabled


Need a way to solve dependency conflicts


Salesforce: problem with the UI


Project Structure: when opening a configuration file from src/main/resources you miss the outline view.


Exceptions in CloudHub API should be handled better


Drag and drop of response elements inside the canvas does not work and feedback icon is wrong


Improve ENTITY-ID handling


createMultipleTransactedReceivers attribute is not supported by Studio in any connector by the UI nor the XML (Getting errors)


Problem drag-and-drop Flow-Ref into Enricher


Selecting Excel example file causes error in DataMapper


Drag and Drop: when dragging multiple elements to an empty flow, the response lane isn’t shown


Build Path has system JRE before Mule when projects are created in Studio


Validation: Flow name property should be unique across the whole project


Remove MIME type attribute from the HTTP endpoint advanced tab


Problem with turning off error reporting


Mule Studio 3.3 CE Export Error when project resource is out of sync

[STUDIO-2308] getting imported wrong


Entity IDs are not being generated correctly


The Mule Server launched from Studio should not include files under src/test/resources/* to its classpath.


Problem opening mule-config.xml file in src/test/resources from a project created with the Cloud Connector’s archetype


Marquee: I’m not allowed to use the wrap in option when selecting multiple items with the marquee tool


Marquee: It randomly select the Message Processors when you have a big flow or scopes


Connectivity Testing: Add proper error messages


Connections in Connections Explorer don’t refresh when moving through projects in the Package Explorer


Error when exporting a Mule project in Studio


Remove unneeded processor chain from templates


Transactional: The dropping area for the exception strategies does not allow you to drop an exception strategy


Can’t import project if not copied into the workspace


localhost is removed when deleting references in HTTP Endpoint


Some dependencies are on the classpath twice when using m2eclipse


Security exception when starting a project that has Derby as a dependency


Contribution sources points to non-existent jar


CloudHub connector - Studio shows config reference required when it is not


Getting "Resource [project name]/src/main/app/ [project name].xml not exist" when creating a Mule project for the very first time


The SQL Explorer preferences pane is no longer accessible after a Mule project has been created


Deleting scopes using the marquee tool causes NullPointerException


Hello example template’s logging is not the same as the other templates


Sometimes an app fails to launch because Studio is unable to delete a folder


Deleting multiple widgets and then undoing the delete causes an exception


Cannot click elements inside the Message Flow screen when re-entering window after using Marquee tool


Cannot use transaction ee:xa-transactional or ee:multi-transactional from a test case


Breakpoint marker does not move with attached processor


Hot deployment fails for a particular workspace


Breakpoint is permitted on a POLL processor but it doesn’t have any effect


In the Mule Debugger View, "Connected with Mule ESB…​" should be changed


Mule Enterprise security components show up under the Cloud Connectors section [when viewed from the global elements tab]


Clearly separate message processor and flow documentation sections


Documentation is not generated for processors that are not supported by studio


WebSocket Writer Group field not showing required field error message


WebSocket in HTTP component not showing error message for 'Group' mandatory field


WebSocket enablement in the HTTP Outbound is not adding V13 to the XML


Cannot populate serviceClass in CXF component by browsing interface


".groovy" files cannot be used as input data in the preview feature


Processor chain is lost when I drag a message processor chain inside a scoped processor


Script Component is not displaying the script text


Object Builder: We are showing a third column that is not needed


Debugger not jumping from one tab to the other


XML not generated on CMIS operations with POJO child elements


Sometimes when you create the first project you get a resource already exists error


Changing a flow var using the debugger alters the variable list order


Adding Maven support doesn’t modify the build path


Drag and Drop: Async is not allowing you to drop Message Routers or other scopes inside of it


Inconsistent mule-config file xml validation between Studio and Mule standalone


Nested objects on complete-data-load signature


Error importing Maven project when the project folder is already on the workspace folder on the File System


Studio fails with NPE but the app runs ok in Mule StandAlone


Mule license is missing when running tests through Maven


Otherwise in Choice is breaking XML


CloudHub deploy from Studio allows description for the application, but CH doesn’t support it


Deploy to CloudHub should warn about numeric HTTP endpoint ports


Foreach loses customized field values when switching back and forth between canvas and XML editor


Studio returns 400 error when deploying to CloudHub


Maven Import fails silently when importing something that is inside the workspace


Error message when creating a POJO with a list inside of it


Sequence of child elements of HTTPS connector is not respected


When creating a global transformer from an endpoint reference tab, the combo list is not updated


Old Properties Editor not working correctly in Twitter


When using dynamic routing, changing the strategy on the UI does not update correctly the XML config file.


Query Builder: Adding too many filters prevents user from seeing the order by feature at the bottom


Wrongly showing HTTP endpoint as outbound when drag and dropping it to an empty flow


Irregular spacing between attributes


Input boxes been resized


Connection View: NPE when the CC is not installed


Documentation hover doesn’t show up in generated documentation


Query Builder: Searching and selecting fields in query editor is broken


EE dependencies added to POM even when targeting a CE runtime


Usability problem to create template project when having multiple runtimes


Importing Maven-based Mule project creates overrides 3.5.0-ANDES runtime selection and creates as 3.4.0 project


Groovy expression: Empty list reported as erroneous expression


Parsing a malformed DSQL doesn’t raise any exception


one-way endpoint still showing response arrow


XML generated for JDBC reconnection is invalid


Update HTTP Request-Response with Logging Example to use MEL instead of old-style expression


Choice Interface does not show conditions when first element is an unknown processor


When switching off DataSense support for a connector with query, translate the query into native or add dsql in the query string.


Query Builder: attributes selection is preserved across objects when multiple objects have the same attributes


Wrong class and model is shown when metadata is created using the builder


When upgrading from Studio 3.4.0 to Studio 3.5.0 and workspaces has errors so that Studio doesn’t start


If a Mule config has a flow and then an unknown element (like batch) two way editing changes order


ObjectStore FileNotFoundException when using Salesforce connector


Create object manually for Twitter Streaming API operations


Build path order incorrect when using Maven


Studio fails to launch when upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5


Debugger: Index out of bound when debugging inside a foreach


Repeatedly clicking a Salesforce global connector opens a new window every time.


Errors are thrown when closing the Deploy to CloudHub dialog in Studio


Connection Explorer: Problem when editing a CC from the Connection Explorer


Mule ESB Threads are not always stopped


Create user defined lookup table, press CRTL+S, and table disappears.


User defined lookup table data source input clunky


spring-object-store is not visible on idempotent-message-filter


Deploying into Auto Repository does not take latest build.


Cloud connector configuration -Generic: When adding a new connector, there is an inconsistency between Config reference and Connections explorer


Queries entered in the Database endpoint are truncated to 1,000 characters.


DataMapper: When editing from Graphical tab, values set are not saved


When modifying a mapping, the mflow is not modified and because of this, the application is not redeployed


src/main folder appears empty in Maven project (all are source folders now)


UI shows unique name error in project with different branches in git


Sub flow description added disappears after changing to XML editor


Problem when updating combo with list of transformers after creating a transformer from a Message Processor


SSL connector add reference button for custom-protocol doesn’t work


DataSense for Salesforce connector sets the number of employees to a double but should be an integer


Properties Editors: Problem with Default values in HTTP Response Builder Message Processor


Batch: Threading Profile, Properties place holders in poolExhaustedAction are marked as errors and removed from the two-way editing


Batch Scope is moved to the top of the canvas when dropped in the middle of some flows


Mule Example Project Wizard :: Template list shrunk


Batch: Currently able to drag component from a batch step outside into the general process records area


Batch :: When an attribute is missing and doing 2 way editing, XML code is duplicated


Debugger: After rebooting Studio, breakpoints are not shown in the canvas


Cloud Connector: Can’t scroll in Query box


Salesforce - List<String> type incorrectly displayed on Object Builder


Salesforce connector - get-updated-objects get metadata fails


DataMapper: NPE when creating an Excel Mapping to a List<pojo>


Google Calendar - List<String> type incorrectly displayed on Object builder


Remove Batch Section Options from "Wrap in…​" menu


DataMapper :: Wrong label in the DataMapper configuration: name instead of Display name


Query Builder: Multiple searching/filtering and selecting from fields loses previous selections


Google Contacts - List<org.mule.api.NestedProcessor> on Object builder


Magento connector - Primary arguments not picked by DataMapper


Palette: Sometimes "Transformer" and "Flow Control" drawers don’t open when filtering


CMIS Connector: SaxParser Exception thrown when optional property set to None


Object Builder: Create Object Manually doesn’t save modifications for List attributes


Drag and Drop: problem with Exceptions Strategies


XSD validation hangs Studio trying to reach external XSD files from internet


CloverETL engine 3.4.2 pom refers to repository


Multiples NPE: Changing runtimes and adding functionality not available in both runtimes


AssertionFailedException when renaming an mflow file that has a cache metadata file associated to it


Message Processors Drop Down is not being alphabetically sorted if friendly names are used


Studio hangs when verifying MEL expression "java.lang.Math.()"


delFiles attribute on FTP connector is not valid and does not work


Some times when deleting projects you get a Delete Resource Exception


Request-Reply: If doc:name is not present in the xml, display name is shown as nullRequest-Reply1


Autocompletion: First time you use autocompletion it takes too long to load all the possible suggestions


Properties Viewer text boxes don’t wrap text properly with SalesForce Native Query Language


New DataBase: problem with metadata propagation in INSERT operation


ConcurrentModificationException when switching between Message flow, global elements, and Configuration XML views


Problem when parsing quotes in expressions


Debugger: Clear indicator for CE users should be shown that debugger doesn’t work


Mule Server 3.4.2 Runtime :: java.lang.ClassCastException


DataMapper error messages get clipped in add mapping dialog box


ResourceException when closing project


Web Service Consumer :: WSDL location Cancel option does not work properly


New Database: the text box to input the query should support multiple lines.


Problem when changing the ESB runtime of the project when the project has new elements


Drag and Drop: I’m able to drop a Message Processor before a poll (Regression STUDIO-2246)


Salesforce Connector: Native language query doesn’t wrap


DataMapper usability :: when input type is unknown Mapping is enabled but cannot be performed


Mutually exclusive radio buttons selected at the same time in watermark dialog


Quartz: Payload disappears after studio update


Cannot create a flow after I create a project with maven


Error when trying to delete MP


DataMapper: Arrows are not redrawn when scrolling the fields with the mouse wheel scroll


Modified editors.xml generated by DevKit is not working properly


[Interoperability] Property place holder ::wrong error message


Changing a file in a mule project launches the builder that ends up deploying the application


Metadata :: when error log is opened testing a connection fires a metadata retrieval


Maven support ::Error message when creating project :: Maven support disabled


Datamapper :: Out of memory and handles in Windows when having several elements


Run with Maven failing because of license validation


DataMapper Decimal Precision configurable in definition


Scatter gather :: Help :: topic not found


DB: Parameters label is not shown properly using the Stored Procedure operation and a parameterized query type


Documentation generation: Change references of Anypoint Studio to 'Anypoint Studio'


Choice lanes disappear when the component is refreshed


DataMapper :: MetaDataGenerationException when mapping from XML file to XML


Debugger not working with poll


Metadata retrieval :: Message in failure outside global editor :: apply STUDIO-4839 changes


Wrong Validation on Salesforce Max Wait Field


FTP and SFTP have wrong color icons in Studio


DataMapper :: Unsupported major.minor version 51.0


Batch: error marks are not correctly updated in batch input


JMS transaction action gets lost the first time


DataMapper :: After doing mapping, the editor is in blank and no mapping is performed


Studio is broken when attempting to delete three elements at the same time


mule-project name is not updated


A copy of a Mule Flow xml is copied to the src/main/app folder when opening it with Mule Config Flow Editor


empty mule properties view for certain expression


DataMapper script view makes studio unusable


The wrong category scrolls when scroll-up/down in palette


Studio crashes when attempting to run project that does not contain 'src/main/app/'


Query Builder :: Error when selecting one specific field of a POJO instead the entire POJO in the Zuora connector


Web Services Consumer: DataMapper reports an error mapping to a collection from an Input Argument


Changing XML to Message Flow View and updating UI is taking lot of time


Failed to install updated


Error creating project :: :: Access denied


Error cleaning deploy anchors


Fix bug preventing error from displaying at top of Global Config


UnsatisfiedLinkError on second and subsequent query with sapjco3


Database: Editing a bean from the Database Configuration clears the Bean Selection


SAP and Required Dependencies Dialog: Validation is incorrect if wrong files are added.


Weird redrawing when double-clicking in an error


Error importing and trying to debug an application


Empty properties window after saving properties and selecting different block


SAP :: Change jar names to generic names


Salesforce connector :: Query language :: NO and YES options do the same


Filter "no-operation" operations from XML autocompletion


Drag and drop from exception strategies is generating Exceptions


Change icon for Templates Library window in Windows


Hello example is not filtering favicon.ico


DataMapper :: When deleting a project the DM editor open is not deleted


Munit Synchronize modules and Maven


CXF processor appears blank in newest version of Studio.


Typo in 'What’s New' dialog


NPE creating schema based on an XML file in DataMapper


Studio reports missing native library


After skipping last update an error is thrown when running an app


NPE :: webservice.consumer.datasense.SOAPMetaDataResolver


Apply Properties (null) tooltip


NPE in EventBus


SAP dependencies validations don’t recognize jars when they are added as user libraries


DataMapper :: Json schema support :: Metadata is not correctly propagated


DataMapper :: Json schema support :: Some properties are not correctly mapped


DataMapper :: Json schema support :: NPE when doing json schema mapping with a sample json


DataMapper :: Json schema support :: mapping Json to Json using schema :: sample is allowed


Java Model Exception :: when creating project


Error opening resource :: Resource is out of sync


DataMapper :: New attribute :: Configuration :: type (i) overlapped with combo


SAP :: Cannot access global element


HTTP client add support for security configuration


[New Launcher] NPE when deploying an app with errors using Maven support from Launcher


Error Creating brand new workspace :: Attribute 'relative' not defined


[New Launcher] after creating new app the launcher list is not refreshed


Unhandled event loop exception when closing project with unsaved changes


[New Launcher] Problems after closing Runtime tab


Editing HTTP Connector Endpoint throws an error


NPE when closing Properties Editor


Export project as a Mule Deployable Archive is throwing an NPE


Studio closes unexpectedly :: Mule project is null in design context


NPE when exporting project :: unable to generate archive


SAP :: NPE when opening SAP configuration editor


[New Launcher] NPE when executing application with errors or several times


[New Launcher] Connection refused when launching application


[New Launcher] Stop all applications (red button) enabled when no application is listed


[New Launcher] Application started ok but displayed as ready to run


[New Launcher] Application status changed, when changing server


[New Launcher] Application with errors displayed as running


Remove mflows: Unknown decorator exception when importing an old project


Problem when creating a project with APIKit


[New Launcher] Connection refused when deleting a project still running


HTTP Connector: improve error message when there is a reference to another RAML file and DataSense doesn’t work


Choice properties-view not rendering


Wrong attribute in JBoss Transaction Manager


Application redeployed when created after being deleted

[STUDIO-5481] should not be modified if the list of config files does not change


Cannot find global element 'SAP' in project


SAP :: Import/Export :: src/main/app/lib (Native library folder) is not imported


Message Properties Transformer has deprecated 'application' scope


SAP :: jar files not displayed as added when special characters are part of the project name


Mule project is null in design context when closing Studio


HTTP Client - improve support for Base URIs with URI Parameters


[New Launcher] Application deployed twice :: connection refused


HTTP Connector: Too many calls to parse the WSDL are done when just clicking in the edit button of the connector


HTTP Connector: Parameters should respect the same alignment


HTTP Connector: Weird redrawing when going from the XML View to the Message Flow view


HTTP Connector: Parameters don’t appear in the UI until you change the focus to somewhere else


HTTP Connector: Output metadata is not reflected in the metadata explorer


HTTP Connector: Add a BETA tag


HTTP Connector: Align input text boxes when configuring the security protocol


HTTP Connector: Checkbox to show password doesn’t work


HTTP Connector: After removing the parameters if you change the operation, the new parameters are not refreshed


Cannot deploy to cloudhub ::Invalid thread access


HTTP Connector: config reference is removed after editing it from the combo list


Message properties transformer :: NPE :: getScopeValue


Mule Agent: NPE when trying to run a project using 3.6-M2 Runtime


HTTP Connector: when configuring parameters the Value attribute it’s required and the UI is not reflecting this


CloudHub deploy :: a problem occurred, please retry the operation


DataMapper fails with json2xml mapping when using json schema


Anypoint connector dependencies :: no more dependency libraries to add


Add log4j2.xml in the .mule/conf directory in the workspace


Wrong Library address in nightly


Validation missing when Running a second project when you have one already running


NPE when retrieving Metadata with a Set Payload


server.commons not updated when upgrading from F to G release


Debugger taking to long to step inside a foreach with Gateway runtime 1.1.1


Hot deployment doesn’t work when new launcher is disabled


Mule Logging does not show in console (mac, linux)


Studio with Mule 3.6.0-M2 does not log launches and application messages.


remove extra attributes from http request



When the project gets saved, the flog config file should get 'touched' automatically


Difficult to run configuration if you haven’t already ran the app as a Mule app


Support "Run As" on the Canvas


JDBC: When Configuring a datasource Studio should let the user know that he\she must import the driver


Improve usability of SOAP client by automatically detecting operations when service class is selected


SFDC config URL field shows error icon when using spring property placeholder


Exception Strategy box should only be displayed when a strategy has been dropped


Duplicate Project Issue in Maven Import


Changing name of flow leads to error in flow reference


JDBC connector reference should be on first screen


[NullPointer Exception] Unable to set values to attributes that doesn’t have getters


Scripting file references need to be relative paths


Ask the user to save changes in a file when changing from one file to another


Hide the .mflow extension in the package explorer


Pressing ENTER over a message processor in the canvas should open the MP configuration window


Move the Choice message router to the framework


Change the Import menu


Change Select and Marquee icons in the palette so that they are only in one line


Global elements configuration doesn’t pick values from file


Maven support enablement isn’t saved when exporting/importing


mule breakpoints list should allow multiple select


When deploying to CloudHub, I can’t choose to enable insights


Visually map input arguments complex object fields


Welcome page is missing in Studio plugin


Exceptions Strategies cannot be dropped inside Scopes or Flow controls


Mule Debug Perspective and Mule Perspective use the same icon


prompt to stop running server before running a new flow


New Project dialog: Finish button can be enabled when the project name is entered


Security: Add the possibility to add security to an HTTP endpoint


Maven - when adding dependencies, Studio should try to detect and add the necessary repositories for it if possible


Add the ability to set maven arguments when running an application with maven


When using multiple runtimes the default should be the most recent runtime


Improve user interface for new properties editors and DataMapper in Windows XP


Drag and drop inside a choice not working as expected


Mule Studio not recognizing configuration useExtendedTransformations="false"/


Add an option to the XML editor to not show warnings / errors that the user knows are wrong


Disable Maven support in Studio when importing has no effect


Improve Jubula test Mule Essentials Lab 3


Create Jubula automated test for the Services Essential training: LABS 4 - 12


DataMapper Database Lookup Should reuse JDBC Connector


HTTP inbound endpoint Security Settings tab should not show the Basic Auth user and password but should have the option to configure Spring Security Manager instead


Improve Connectors User Experience


FTP component triggered by another file


Make MEL autocompletion faster


Add SFDC as a search term for the Salesforce connector.


Tooltip text not helping when defining a Batch Job


Maven: Improve new project creation experience when maven isn’t configured


Change Connectors Update site to "Anypoint Connectors Update Site"


Updated "About Anypoint Studio" page


Don’t write doc:name in the XML for default values


Implement sub-flows using containers


Add horizontal layouts to containers


Example mule-config.xml’s: in description element, include link to example documentation


OGNL module is deprecated in 3.6 and removed in 4.0


After importing project studio clears


DataSense: Don’t get metadata if any required jar is not present.


HTTP Connector: Improve tooltips and Description


To open Library, hit!/templates instead of current


Allow polling window to be specified in seconds, minutes, or hours


Add marquee support in Studio


Support Studio configuration for Poll Schedulers


Like operator is missing from DataSense query editor


Batch: Missing Drop target icon in step


Add support for new Watermark attributes


DB: Create Editor for Sybase configuration


DB: Create Editor for MS SQL Server configuration


DB: Create Editor for PostreSQL configuration


DB: Create Editor for DB2 configuration


DB: Add Metadata support for Stored Procedure


DB: Create Select Query Builder


DB: Create Insert Query Builder


DB: Create Update Query Builder


DB: Create Delete Query Builder


DB: Enable advanced JDBC DataSense


DB: Enable DataSense Source/Target Attribute based Datasense propagation


Add ability to copy and paste flows in GUI


Checking streaming batch commit should disable batch size


User-added endpoints show up in the "Endpoints" Drawer, not "Connectors"


Template repository integration prototype - Part2


[.mflow removal] Migrate flows, sub-flows and exception strategies to the Containers framework


[.mflow removal] Replace old mflow memory model and update the XML - Graphical merge algorithm


Large structures: Add support for POJO


DataMapper: Add support for Json Schema


[MuleModuleManager refactor] Allow servers to extend or replace Studio elements definitions


[New Launcher] Display server information in header


[New Launcher] Use the first project "Run Configuration" to launch the mule instance


[New Launcher] Use new launcher view for old runtimes launches


[New Launcher] Integrate with new ESB agent and review server communication


[New Launcher] Implement a server poll mechanism to get app status changes notifications


[New Launcher] Implement actions over deployed applications (start, stop, redeploy)


[New Launcher] Improve application lifecycle support with new launcher and new runtime view


[New Launcher] Add preference or run-configuration option for ESB agent port.


[New Launcher] Hook ESB JVM to the running Studio process


HTTP client RAML cache implementation


[New Launcher] Add a preference to disable use of new launcher


[New Launcher] Add option to run application using normal or Maven deployment


Add support for Bitronix Transaction Manager


[New Launcher] Shut down server when the Mule Runtime view is closed.


HTTP Connector - Add option for SSL default config


HTTP Client - Add support for streaming


Studio Agent branding should change to rstate API manager instead of ASR


[MUnit] Palette does no allow new categories


Add field names to the fields on the query builder


Change the way Studio opens the Library


Deploy to multiple production environments in CloudHub


Distribute ASR sample scenarios with Studio


Create a new build of Studio with 3.4.2 as the included runtime


Investigate library for manipulating maven (transitive) dependencies outside of the maven container


Testing :: FHIR schemas brought into our QA


Create an update site for the Gateway Runtime


Create messaging for customer upgrade


Add support for Json metadata model


Mflows removal Pt.2: Investigate the extend of migrating flows to the Container model


Munit Synchronizer module should contribute the jar to populate repo


[New Launcher] Add applications status feedback


Sxc Module Removal


[New Launcher] Add Support For All Servers


HTTP client request builder


HTTP client get/post/put/delete/execute message processors


HTTP client RAML based configuration


HTTP client DataSense propagation for JSON schema


HTTP client DataSense propagation for XML schema


[New Launcher] File Jiras around New Launcher


Release: update and release Studio examples


Release: update and release the studio-maven-plugin


Release: release the /r3/studio-runtimes update site


Release: release Studio binaries + update sites


Upgrade SAP connector for Mule 3.5.x to version 2.2.4

Migration guide  

This version of Studio only has some bug fixes when used with runtime 3.5.2. Additional beta features (listed above) are only available if you install the 3.6.0-M2 ESB Runtime.

The Normal Update Site mechanism prompts you to install the updates. If you use the APIkit extension, when upgrading Anypoint Studio you must also update this component.