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API Gateway 3.8.0 Release Notes


Software Version



Anypoint Studio


New Features

  • AGW-498: Add support for handling the X-Forwarded-For headers in the generated proxies.

  • AGW-693: Add support for RAML 1.0.

  • AGW-695: Honor the tls-default configuration in the client communication with API Manager.

  • AGW-741: Now that api-gateway domain is not bundled with the distribution, create a script to generate API Gateway domain.

  • AGW-746: Enhance security when Gateway is started and policies are not yet applied. This feature doesn’t include support for Cluster scenarios yet.

  • AGW-767: Support persistence of throttling and rate limiting quota. This feature doesn’t include support for quota persistence in Cluster or Cloudhub.

  • AGW-779: Enable order granularity at the before and after components level on the policy template configuration.

  • AGW-785: Extend the Client Id Enforcement policy to extract client credentials from the Authorization Header.

Fixed in This Release

  • AGW-411: When Gateway is started in offline mode, and comes when online again, it never communicates with API Manager again.

  • AGW-675: Custom policies are not picking up common beans defined in the default-mule-config.xml.

  • AGW-720: Duplicated autodiscovery elements are present in the registry when Gateway is restarted.

  • AGW-732: When a contract service URL is unreachable, no log is generated.

  • AGW-745: When offline, restarting API Gateway removes all online policies currently applied.

  • AGW-755: A spring injected property is null when a policy is applied.

  • AGW-759: The Extended CORS policy is not validating headers.

  • AGW-782: In the federated policies, invalid requests return incorrect status codes.

Follow the migration instructions in this section to continue using API Gateway domain with Mule 3.8.0.

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