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APIkit 1.7.4 Release Notes

APIkit 1.7.4 release notes includes compatibility information and a list of issues fixed in this release.


  • Mule ESB Runtime 3.7.0 and later

  • API Gateway 2.0.2 and later

  • RAML Java Parser 0.8.17

  • RAML Javascript parser 0.8.11

  • APIkit Console 2.0.5

Fixed in This Release

  • APIKIT-517: Allow RAML console to use relative paths when requesting the RAML file

  • APIKIT-542: Payload encoding not respected for XML validation

  • APIKIT-562: Opened streams prevents undeploying app

  • APIKIT-566: A request when an invalid mime type returns 500 status code

  • APIKIT-571: Schema validation response is not including as much information as before

  • APIKIT-572: Scaffolder generates duplicated flows

  • APIKIT-573: Flows are duplicated when editing existing RAML

  • APIKIT-574: Headers ignored when resourceType specified as an include