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Anypoint Connector DevKit 3.6.0 Release Notes

January 16, 2015


Software Version

Mule ESB Runtime


Anypoint Studio

January 2015

Migrating from 3.5?

New Features

  • JDK 7 Only - JDK version 7 is required.

  • New Annotations - @Configuration, @ConnectionManagement, @ConnectionStrategy, @Handle, @Handler, @HTTPBasicAuth, @Literal, @OnException, and @TestConnectivity. See the Annotation Reference.

  • Connection Strategy - The @Connector class now supports the @ConnectionStrategy class, which enables the division of responsibilities and modularization of connector code. See the Annotation Reference.

  • MEL - Connectors can now pass uninterpreted Mule Exchange Language commands in String parameters using the @Literal annotation. See the Annotation Reference.

Fixed Issues


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