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Anypoint Connector DevKit Release Notes

May 11, 2015


Software Version

Mule ESB Runtime


Anypoint Studio

5.0.2 and later

Migrating from 3.5?

New Features

This release provides a new configuration wizard that lets you easily generate connectors with supported features and components.

  • Supported components are:

    • @Connector

    • @Handler

    • @Configuration

    • @MetaDataCategory

    • @OAuth2

    • @ConnectionManagement

    • ProviderPagingAwareDelegate

  • The only name not valid aside from the ones supported for Java Names, is a name that matches the component used.Example: If you are creating an @Handler, your class name cannot be Handler.

  • All classes have the SuperClass and Interface enabled and can be used, but ProviderPaginAwareDelegate cannot specify a parent class, since the generated class needs to extend this one.

  • Connector Type auto-populates for ProviderPagingAwareDelegate, ensure that you specify the collection type after creating it.

  • When an interface is selected, it generates the default implementation for every component. This is resolved by the platform, there is no custom code from our side.

New wizard:


Known Issues


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