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Anypoint Connector DevKit 3.7.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Add support for MuleContext injection into @Configs.

  • Add support for Studio Containers when using NestedProcessor and List<NestedProcessor>.

  • DSQL support for java.lang.Calendar in MEL expressions.

  • Allow the usage of @Default() in @ConnectionKey parameters.

  • @RunOnlyOn annotation support for disabling test execution on specified test environments.

Fixed Issues

This release include fix more than 30 fixes. The most important ones are:

  • Address the issue that connectors tests could not be executed with -Pstrict-validation enabled.

  • @Handler was not invoked when ProviderAwarePagingDelegate thrown exceptions.

  • Compiling a connector using Java 8 fails with a NullPointerException in 3.7.0.

  • The new release reports a clear message describing that Java 1.7.0 should be used.

  • Several improvements on connection testing framework improving the error messages when parameters could not be serialised in β€œlocal” mode.

  • Add support in Connector Testing Framework to handle the serialisation of processors parameters such as InputStream and others.

  • Add support for test execution using Maven 3.3.

  • @Disconnect was not called in the functional tests execution tear down. This could potentially create a connection leak during test execution.

  • Include new test utility classes as part of the connector testing framework such as classes for metadata serialisation automation and credentials discovery.

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