Anypoint Connector DevKit 3.8.x Release Notes

Version 3.8.1

Version 3.8.1 provides a fix for a corner case, but otherwise supports the same functionality as DevKit 3.8.0.

Version 3.8.0 Compatibility

DevKit Version 3.8.0 is compatible with:

Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.5.3 or later

Anypoint Studio

5.4.0 or later

New Features

  • License management for MuleSoft Certified Connectors.

    • Developers can allow customers to try their connector in design time, yet ensure their connector only works with a valid license in deployment.

  • SOAP Session Management for SOAP Connect enabling developers to inject session tokens in HTTP cookies/headers, or SOAP headers.

    • Further DevKit SOAP Connect functionality includes SOAP message body enrichment with the session token.

    • Operation Filtering to hide operations specified in the WSDL such as login/logout, which is necessary in order to exclude operations from the operations dropdown exposed to the application developer.

  • Caching metadata improves fetching of metadata during application design, and decreases the wait time for connector users.

  • Connector APIDoc documentation is provided intelligently at design time, serving as a contextual help feature

  • Improved APIDoc documentation generator creates documentation for multiple connection configurations automatically and covers filters and transformers too. In addition, it does not require or support code snippets referencing the xml.sample file such as <@sample.xml …​ >. See Creating Connector Reference Documentation.

    • In migrating a connector project to DevKit 3.8, all the @sample tags referencing the sample files must be removed

  • A simple Maven command is available for the DevKit user to run connector functional tests (CTF) on CloudHub. Read through the Test Execution section of the connector certification information for details.

  • Functional test framework supports @Source tests.

  • JDK 8 support for DevKit and connector project creation. To use JDK 8, please add the following property in your pom.xml file.


Deprecated Features

  • @RestCall deprecated with the release of DevKit 3.8.0.

Fixed Issues

This release includes several fixes and the most important are as follows:

  • Supports byte-type and short-type parameters in processor.

  • Supports Gregorian Calendar in DSQL query.

  • CTF doesn’t throw NullPointerException when a process returns legitimate empty body.

  • WSDLProvider shows a specific error message rather than a generic error message, helping developers handle the error easily.

  • Resolves an issue causing connector metadata not appearing in Anypoint Studio 5.2.

  • CTF generates a well-formated JSON for metadata.

  • Properly supports MetaDataKeyParam.BOTH and MetaDataKeyParam.INPUT in processors.

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