Anypoint Connector DevKit Studio Plugin 1.1.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Makes it easy to apply the connector testing framework (CTF) to a connector project by scaffolding test generation. Since test generation didn’t support CTF previously, developers needed to create CTF-compatible test cases manually. Please see Developing DevKit Connector Tests for more information.

  • Adds DevKit 3.7.2 support.

  • Enables new DevKit components to be configured while a connector is created.

Fixed Issues

This release includes several fixes, and the most important ones are listed here:

  • Improves error reporting on WSDL formats that SOAP Connect doesn’t support. The previous version let developers create a SOAP Connect project with RCP-based WSDLs even if these WSDLs were not supported. A user only saw an error message after he or she put the SOAP Connect-based connector in a Mule flow and tried to select an operation. DevKit Plugin version 1.1.1 now shows a proper error message for unsupported WSDL formats, and halts creation of the SOAP Connect project.

  • SOAP Connect supports WSDLs located in folders with whitespace in the path name.

  • Properly uninstalls a multi-module connector.

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