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Anypoint Enterprise Security 1.2 Release Notes

May 14, 2013

MuleSoft is pleased to announce the release of Anypoint Enterprise Security 1.2 which introduces new functionality and improvements to our versatile security module (formerly known as Mule Enterprise Security). For this release, we have focused our efforts bug fixes and improvements. We also continue to harden our product, making it more stable and easier to use.

Where appropriate, we have applied a Version 1.2 only marker to identify features or functionality that are available only in the Enterprise runtime.

Install Anypoint Enterprise Security 1.2 to take advantage of the latest and greatest!

Document Revision History

May 14, 2013, v1.0 Initial Publication

Current Release Version

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Anypoint Enterprise Security



New Features and Functionality

  • Delete Client – a message processor which removes clientIDs from the clientStore.

  • Revoke Token – a message processor which revokes access or refresh tokens, invalidating the corresponding pair as well (i.e. if the message processor revokes the access token, it automatically revokes any refresh token associated with it, and vice versa).

  • Use with Mule ESB Standalone and Maven – beyond Mule Studio, Anypoint Enterprise Security is now available for use with Mule Standalone and Maven.

Hardware and Software System Requirements

For most use cases, Anypoint Enterprise Security 1.2 does not change the hardware and software system requirements established by Mule Enterprise Security 1.1. Contact MuleSoft Support with any questions you may have about system requirements.

Important Notes and Known Issues in this Release

This list covers some of the known issues with Anypoint Enterprise Security 1.2. Please read this list before reporting any issues you may have spotted.


The grant configuration on the config element and at the client level is not consistent


The default object stores are shared when there is more than one instance of the provider


Simplify AccessTokenStoreHolder


Resource Owner Password Credentials does not support Refresh Token grant type


Cannot refresh an access token after it has expired

Fixed in this Release


Cannot refresh an access token after it has expired


Resource Owner Password Credentials does not support Refresh Token grant type


When refreshing an access token, whether to provide a new refresh token or not should be configurable


Release 2.0-SNAPSHOT for Service Registry


Tokens do not expire when overriding stores


Signature and Property placeholder module are not being deployed


Revoke token MP should also support revoking a refresh token


Update schema version with new 1.2 release


Exclude log4.xml from jar


Simplify AccessTokenStoreHolder


Make resource owner security provider optional


Simplify the store holders


Make sure all callbacks invoke processEvent instead of process


Avoid license from being in the distribution


Provide a way to revoke a token


Provide a way to remove registered clients


OAuth2 provider module passes seconds to object store TTLs in milliseconds


OAuth2 validate and validateClient lose outbound message properties


Add an option to the Validate MP to throw an exception when the token is invalid


Recompile Enterprise Security components with the latest devKit


Refactor package of mule-module-security-crc32 to be


Bearer headers are not decoded properly


Add a new message processor to obtain the authorized user


Fix CRC32 building block description text


The secure property placeholder is not working on Studio

Third Party Connectors and other modules

At this time, not all of the third party modules you may have been using with previous versions of Mule ESB have been upgraded to work with Mule 3.4.0. Refer to the Third-Party Software In Mule for complete details. Contact MuleSoft Support if you have a question about a specific module.

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