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Gathers analytics data for each API that is managed by API Manager, and displays data visually in the API’s dashboard.

Documentation: Anypoint Analytics

Connect to trading partners using EDI over AS/2, FTP, and other protocols using Mule.

Release Notes for: Anypoint Partner Manager, AS2 Connector, FTPS Connector, EDI Module, and X12/EDIFACT EDI Modules

Documentation: Anypoint B2B

Individual release notes for different versions of the most important connectors that can be used in Mule Projects.

Documentation: Anypoint Connectors

A tool to create and maintain custom made connectors, coding in Java, that can then be used in Mule Projects.

Multi-version release notes. Provides a set of extensions to the out of the box functionality of your Mule Projects, these help you build more secure applications.

A discovery interface (UI and API) where you can find Anypoint Connectors, Templates, Examples, and API descriptions in RAML and WSDL that help make the adoption of the Anypoint Platform a lot easier and faster for you. Also covers REST Connect.

Documentation: Anypoint Exchange

A multi-tenant, cloud messaging service that helps customers perform advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios between their applications.

Documentation: Anypoint MQ

The Command Line Interface tool to operate Anypoint Platform.

Documentation: Anypoint Platform CLI

The enterprise Anypoint Platform tool used to deploy and manage all of your Mule applications in one central location, whether your apps are running in the cloud or on-premises.

Documentation: Runtime Manager

A development environment that accelerates productivity for cloud and on-premises integration and API development.

A toolkit that facilitates implementing a REST or SOAP API.

Documentation: APIkit

Multi-version release notes. An online platform for handling the entire life cycle of an API, including design, engagement, tracking and enforcement of policies.

Documentation: API Manager

An iPaaS platform that allows quick deployment, management, and scaling of Mule applications in the cloud. Multi-version release notes.

Documentation: CloudHub


A language you use to query and transform data in a Mule application. See Studio and Mule release notes.

Documentation: DataWeave

Build applications and API definitions that enable connectivity throughout your application network.

Documentation: Design Center

Sends and receives HL7 messages over MLLP (using the HL7 connector) and other transport protocols.

Documentation: Healthcare Toolkit

The mule-maven-plugin lets you deploy Mule applications to different kinds of servers.

Documentation: Mule Plugin for Maven

The latest Enterprise and Community release of Mule and the Mule Management Console. Applications built with this runtime are deployable both on premises and on Runtime Manager.

Documentation: Mule Runtime

Build automated tests for integrations and APIs using a full suite of integration and unit test capabilities that integrate with Maven and Surefire.

Documentation: MUnit

Plugin extension for Mule that exposes the Mule API.

Documentation: Runtime Manager Agent

A powerful enterprise solution for developing, deploying, managing, integrating, and troubleshooting your web applications in Apache Tomcat.

Documentation: Tcat Server

Provides connectivity to proprietary functionality on the Windows platform, and is used by the MSMQ connector, PowerShell Connector, Dynamics CRM Connector, and Dynamics AX Connector.

MuleSoft currently supports Mule 3.1.0 and newer. Access our Deprecated Products to learn how to migrate from previous versions of Mule to the latest version.

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