Mule 1.2 Release Notes

The Mule team are pleased to announce the release of Mule 1.2! You can Download it here!

Mule 1.2

Oracle Advanced Queuing Support

  • Mule now has specific support for Oracle AQ, and handling for Oracle Message types.

Secure Mail Protocols Support

  • Built in support for SMTPs, POP3s, and IMAPs secure protocols.

Transport Improvements

  • Soap named parameter handling has been improved.

  • Quartz Provider Can now schedule events rather than just trigger components. This means you can do things like schedule a call on one endpoint and dispatch the results of the call to another endpoint.

  • Ftp Provider can now do receives on an FTP endpoint.

  • Ejb Provider can now poll a remote EJB to trigger events.

  • Rmi Provider can now poll a remote service to trigger events.

  • Http Provider can now poll a URL/REST service to trigger events.


  • Transacted Jms threads are now handled correctly to give much better throughput

  • Non-transacted Jms now using an optimized message receiver, rather than the transacted Message Receiver.

  • Fixed Http performance, which was greatly reduced due to some erroneous keep-alive handling. This also affects the performance of SOAP calls.

New Sample Applications

  • LoanBroker ESB - Implements the Loan Broker Example using a ESB architecture with a shared Message Bus.

  • Voip Service Example
    The Voip Service example is taken from a featured article, Provisioning Services Through ESB

  • Stock Quote Example Now includes an example of invoking a .NET service using SOAP and REST.

  • Tools: Config Graph*

  • Generate Visio-style Configuration Graphs from Mule Xml files. Very cool!

Japanese Language Support

  • There is now a Japanese language pack for Mule!

Bug Fixes and Documentation

  • We’ve added lots of new documentation and fixed the bugs/improvements listed below.