Mule Management Console 3.8.1

The Mule Management Console, also known as MMC, is a platform for managing Mule applications deployed on premises. Currently, no new functionality is being added to the MMC, this release includes only bug fixes and security fixes. Hybrid & cloud users can check out our latest monitoring & management tool Runtime Manager.

The V3.8.1 version of MMC is compatible with Mule runtime V3.5 and above.

Sept 13, 2016 Release


  • SE-4310: Removed unused libraries in order to avoid future security issues.

  • SE-4006: Fixed multiple bugs and improved stability in permission management.

  • SE-4094: Improved messaging in case stop-flow action fails.

  • SE-4216: Updated libraries to address CVE-2016-3092.

  • SE-1889: Usability improvements for Servers list scroll in Flows tab.

  • SE-3990: MMC was reporting incorrect deployment status when an application in a Server Group was stopped.

  • SE-3759: Alerts targeting clusters were not activated upon Mule node restart.

  • Usability improvement for clusters when you have multiple mules running on the same machine.

Known Issues

  • Issues w/ unicast clusters when you use Mule Runtime Version 3.8.0

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