Mule Management Console 3.8.2

The Mule Management Console, also known as MMC, is a platform for managing Mule applications deployed on premises. Currently, no new functionality is being added to the MMC, this release includes only bug fixes and security fixes. Hybrid & cloud users can check out our latest monitoring & management tool Runtime Manager.

The V3.8.2 version of MMC is compatible with Mule runtime V3.5 and above.


  • SE-3972: MMC mark transaction as Completed incorrectly

  • SE-4157: HTTP endpoints are not reported by MMC API call

  • SE-4639: Quit onEnter event listener in Alerts pages

  • SE-4718: Update jackrabbit patch version

  • SE-4981: Implemented permissions caching in Deployments list

  • SE-4981: High CPU Performance issues with MMC 3.8.1

  • SE-4758: On Deployments, when a checkbox is checked to select a deploy, checkbox is unchecked

Known Issues

No new known issues with this release

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