Mule Management Console 3.8.3

The Mule Management Console, also known as MMC, is a platform for managing Mule applications deployed on premises. Currently, no new functionality is being added to the MMC, this release includes only bug fixes and security fixes.

Version 3.8.3 of MMC is compatible with Mule runtime v3.x starting with version 3.5.


  • SE-5408 - Wrong application name displayed for business events

  • SE-4762 - MMC doesn’t correctly escape flow names

  • SE-4582 - MMC pagination for any listing does not work properly when filtering.

  • SE-4133 - log4j2 appender for scripts is not present in log configuration

  • SE-3312 - Unregistered servers show ${project.version} as Agent version

  • SE-1823 - Alert notification for Thread Pool type filter is not sending email messages

  • SE-181 - No email notifications generated by MMC

  • SE-1659 - Survivors space max size is incorrectly reported

  • SE-1582 - MMC fails to send to email if MS Exchange server requires authentication on SMTP

  • SE-846 - MMC Displays MaxMemory and Total Available Memory without decimals

  • SE-533 - Alert notifications with the filter 'Type' not working

  • SE-6195 - Session Id stripped from clear text logs

Known Issues

No new known issues with this release

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