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Mule 0.9.1 Release Notes

Mule 0.9.1 server sees the introduction of the Mule Extras module that hosts all the Spring Framework, PicoContainer and other extensions, webbapp support, improved Test compatibility Kit for your own extensions and numerous bug fixes and other improvements.

New Mule-Extras Module

Mule Extras contains all the framework extensions that are not part of the mule core server. These include:
Spring Extensions - Spring container component resolver and Spring configuration builder
Pico Extensions - Pico container component resolver and Pico component pool support
XStream transformers - Java to XML and XML to Java transformers
Tyrex transaction factory

Webapp Support

Mule can now eaisly be embedded inside a webapp so that your webapps can use Mule for their network communication to other applications.

Tck Improvements New Tck test cases have been added to provide almost complete coverage of all Mule’s extensible objects.

Distribution Restructure

The Mule server jars are now broken down into
mule-core-0.9.1.jar - The Mule core server and UMO api
mule-tck-0.9.1.jar - The Mule Test compatibility kit api
mule-provider-xxx-0.9.1.jar - The individual Mule providers, where xxx is jms, email, file etc.
mule-extras-xxx-0.9.1.jar - The individual Mule Extras subprojects, where xxx is spring, picocontainer, xstream etc.
mule-0.9.1.jar - An aggregation of all of the above jars

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

MULE-37 TCK: project.xml does contain wrong version information (Tck refactoring)
MULE-36 TransactionCounter can fall below zero
MULE-35 Remove the ExceptionStrategy on the UMOComponent
MULE-34 Remove selector methods from UMODescriptor
MULE-33 Rename Jms provider deliveryMode to Acknowledgement mode
MULE-32 Interceptors are initialised in reverse order using MuleXmlconfigurationBuilder
MULE-31 Duplicate class XmlToBean and BeanToXml
MULE-30 Define UMODescriptorAware inversion interface
MULE-28 Embedding Mule in a webapp
MULE-27 Provider Override properties in the connector are still using namespaces
MULE-26 MuleXmlConfigBuilder doesn’t set properties on a provider
MULE-25 Make programmatic event dispatching a bit more intuitive
MULE-23 Set up Mule Extras sub project for Mule extensions
MULE-22 setProperties on UMOProviderDescriptor doesn’t work when using spring configuration
MULE-21 Support for specifying what port the SMTP and POP3 connectors use
MULE-18 Expose the provider to the transformer

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