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Mule 1.0 Release Notes

The Mule team is very pleased to announce that version 1.0 has been released!

Mule is a highly scalable object broker and messaging framework that builds on the principals of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture.

This release provides a JCA Resource Adapter, IBM AS400 Data Queue support, PGP security and improved exception management. As well lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Big thanks go out to everyone who gave feedback, submitted patches, fixes and new features for this release!

JCA Resource Adapter

Allows Mule to be easily deployed to a J2EE Application Server or JCA container.

AS400 Data Queue Support

Mule can now communication with IBM AS400 data queues in the same way as all other transports making mainframe integration much easier.

PGP Support

PGP security for message encryption and signing can now be configured using the Mule security layer.

Improved Exception Management

The Exception hierary has been re-worked to allow for easier exception management and automation. Exception reporting has also be improved.

Improvements have also been made to Exception Strategies (pluggable exception listener).


Introduced a simple internationalisation mechanism that is used to internationalise exception messages or any string message and can also be use utilized by Mule extensions.

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