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MUnit 1.1.0 Release Notes

September 17, 2015

We are happy to announce the new release of MUnit version 1.1.0. In this release we’ve introduced new coverage capabilities, improved our Studio integration, and added a number of enhancements and fixes to make testing easier.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 15)

  • Java 7, Java 8

  • Maven 3.1+


  • Mule 3.6.x or 3.7.x

  • Anypoint Studio 5.4.0

Features and Functionality

Presenting MUnit Coverage

For some time now users were able to see basic coverage in the Anypoint Studio UI. With this release (1.1.0), users can generate complete coverage reports in a continuous integration system through the MUnit Maven Plugin. These reports allow you to check the coverage your application in detail and see coverage at the application, flow and message processor level. A build fails if the coverage metrics you’ve defined for your application are not met.

Anypoint Studio Integration

Starting with this release of Anypoint Studio, MUnit ships with Anypoint Studio. That means that you get MUnit without needing to installing it before hand, which creates a cleaner user experience.

In addition to the Anypoint Studio integration we have fixed/enhanced a few features:

  • Improved MUnit icons to better integrate with Studio design rules

  • Improved look & feel of the ignore test feature

  • You can now define the debug port when debugging a MUnit test

  • Improved MUnit classpath configuration

MUnit Runtime

We have also improved the core of MUnit as well as the MUnit Maven Plugin: * There is a new MEL function to return the same payload in a mock * Added support for mime type/encoding (in mocks and set MP) * Improved runtime errors * New exception strategies * Improved logs in case of a failure

And for users using the MUnit Maven Plugin, in addition to the coverage feature we have added two more features:

  • Dynamic ports assignment which allows you to avoid port collision in CI environments

  • Added a new property to skip MUnit tests only and still run all your other tests

Fixed Issues

  • MUSP-205 munit-maven-plugin should use target directory for test execution

  • MUSP-199 Validate CE vs EE functionality in Studio

  • MUSP-196 Classpath is missing key jars for maven based projects

  • MUSP-194 New test wizard shows exception strategies

  • MUSP-42 Don’t have run again or run failed button

  • MU-406 Interoperability tests

  • MU-404 Coverage plugin fails to build paths

  • MU-390 TestsLogConfigurationHelper does not load correctly the Log4j config file in Windows

  • MU-387 MUnit assertion failures and error are getting catch by global exception strategy

  • MU-376 Improve logs

  • MU-375 MUnit doesn’t allow to define message mimetype

  • MU-372 Maven summary doesn’t show the total number of tests

  • MU-367 Munit should support mime-type in mock MP

  • MU-365 Upgrade Xalan to 2.7.2+

  • MU-364 ForEach & Groovy component fail start of MUnit test

  • MU-363 Spy Message Processor - Handle AssertionError

  • MU-354 Throw MUnitError when mel expression is wrong in mock MP

  • MU-350 Getting "The message processor validation:is-true could not be created" when running maven

  • MU-340 Mock in Spy is not called when running via maven

  • MU-331 Throw MUnit Error when munit MP fails to process

  • MU-320 Batch jobs don’t report coverage

  • MU-302 set-message harcodes datatype mimeType


  • MUSP-206 Add clear application data to munit launch configuration

  • MUSP-203 MUnit studio plugin should prioritise test resources when running

  • MUSP-202 Provide support for mimetype and encoding

  • MUSP-200 Create Alert on domain based projects

  • MUSP-198 Provide support for visual redesign

  • MUSP-197 As a user I want to change Debug port when running munit test

  • MUSP-190 Coverage maven support

  • MUSP-185 Add ignore test option to context menu

  • MUSP-184 Adapt plugin to match studio way to handle pom updates

  • MUSP-173 Flag ignored test in the visual editor view

  • MUSP-144 Have a "Run Failed" button

  • MUSP-69 Change way we read file in new test suite wizard

  • MU-368 MUnit should validate that the runtime is EE before running coverage plugin

  • MU-360 When running a single test the MUnit view shows all tests

  • MU-355 Maven plugin should have a skip property different from skipTests

  • MU-334 MUnit to throw MUnit specific errors

  • MU-323 RemoreMunitRunner to run a list of tests

  • MU-322 MUnit to override and any other prop from command line params

  • MU-224 MUnit Code Coverage Maven support

  • MU-252 Random http test port

  • MUSP-62 Deprecate outbound-endpoint

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Known Issues


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