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MUnit 1.2.0 Release Notes

May 16, 2016

We are happy to announce the new release of MUnit version MUnit 1.2.0.
In this release we tackled mainly bug fixes.

This release provides the following new artifact versions:

  • MUnit:

    • 1.2.0

  • Mule MUnit Support:

    • 3.8.0­

    • 3.7.3

    • 3.6.3

  • MUnit Studio Plugin:

    • 1.2.0

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 15)

  • Java 7, Java 8

  • Maven 3.1+


Software Version


3.6.x, 3.7.x, 3.8.x

Anypoint Studio

6.0.0 and newer

Features and Functionality

Anypoint Studio Plugin

MUnit Runtime

The release of MUnit 1.2.0 is mainly aimed to support the new features offered through the MUnit Studio Plugin

Fixed Issues

  • MUSP-260 NullPointerException listing suites on MUnit runner

  • MUSP-259 FunctionalMunitSuite execution from Studio is failing

  • MUSP-257 MUnit runner view refresh extra time

  • MUSP-244 Configuring Pom Fails if there is no "build" tag in it

  • MUSP-243 NPE listing test suites on Windows

  • MUSP-239 Changing from Message Flow view to Configuration XML throws Exception

  • MUSP-201 Properties table on Mock is not displaying correctly

  • MUSP-191 MUnit doesn’t work with data sense

  • MU-491 FunctionalMunitSuite not running on maven

  • MU-490 Debugging not working with MUnit tests

  • MU-487 Fix ConcurrentModificationException in multithreaded scenarios

  • MU-486 Fix NPE in MUnit Support spring parent bean definitions

  • MU-484 MUnit interceptor can’t properly id the proper method to intercept

  • MU-476 Cannot retrieve properties from the registry in MUnit

  • MU-473 Improve warnings when application has default domain

  • MU-467 Running MUnit tests on Maven not displaying debug logs on console

  • MU-463 Spring Util:Properties is not being supported on MUnit Support 3.8.0

  • MU-458 Remove MunitLoggerConfigurer code

  • MU-454 Rolling appender file name too long

  • MU-453 munit-extension-loader fails to create temp dir in windows

  • MU-441 Continue running suites even if one fails

  • MU-437 getFlowsExcludedOfInboundDisabling Not working

  • MU-436 Running MUnit test on Batch or Subflow is showing incorrect coverage

  • MU-432 not found

  • MU-429 Create new Munit remote runner that support to run several suites

  • MU-421 ApiKit tests failing on Maven with MUnit Support 3.8

  • MU-420 MUnit does not fail properly when running spy over void mule events

  • MU-419 MUnit Coverage Report not showing correct information when testing APIKit app

  • MU-416 Coverage failing when calculating application paths

  • MU-390 TestsLogConfigurationHelper does not load correctly the Log4j config file in Windows

  • MU-373 Foreach iterating wrong over a map when run from munit test

  • MU-369 MUnit seems to fail to mock db connector under certain conditions

  • MU-366 MUnit not loading for FunctionalMunitSuite test

  • MU-321 Define just one way to load mule app properties


  • MU-408 Create MUnit support version for 3.8

  • MUSP-227 Create coverage reports from Studio

  • MU-295 Allow test suites in nested directories

  • MUSP-161 Update munit runner view to support several test suits

  • MUSP-120 Cannot run all test suites when selecting MUnit dir

  • MUSP-237 Support Autocompletion for MUnit functions

  • MUSP-247 Add Metadata to MUnit MP

  • MUSP-242 Respect user’s jars arrangement in classpath

  • MUSP-241 Show stackTrace on the test runner view when a suite fail to start

  • MUSP-246 Migrate all tables to use the new Dynamic Tables

  • MU-459 Refactor munit console output to use log4j

  • MUSP-233 Improve the exchange project download experience

  • MU-440 Refactor Coverage Features

  • MU-483 Create JSON Reports

Migration Guidance

Tests that work in 1.0.0 also work in 1.2.0

Known Issues

  • MUnit RAML-to-Test autogeneration feature does not support RAML 1.0. We are actively working to evolve the feature.

  • When running an MUnit test over Windows without admin right, you may find a "could not load library jansi" error. This is due to jar file that log4j uses that tries to use this dll library and if it can not find it then it tries to create it under system property.
    If the user do not have write permissions to that directory which Windows always returns as C:\Windows it will fail.
    The workaround is to overwrite that property in the lunch configuration:\Users\myUserName or run Studio as an Administrator

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