Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition 1.1.0 Release Notes

December 16, 2015


Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition takes all the power of the platform MuleSoft developed for the Cloud and enables companies to run the platform inside their data centers. In this release we are releasing solutions for APIs, Runtime Management and Exchange.


Anypoint Platform for APIs: The Anypoint Platform for APIs is a multi-tenant end-to-end platform for enterprise API design, implementation, management, and engagement.

Anypoint Runtime Manager: The Anypoint Runtime Manager (V1.2) Private Cloud Edition enables users to enhance their unified monitoring experience by easily integrating their on-premises Mule servers and API Gateways with third partiesโ€™ monitoring tools, such as Splunk & ELK, for monitoring, analytics, and governance.

Anypoint Exchange: The Anypoint Exchange enables users to publish and access Mule-related content within their own organization increasing visibility and reuse across organizations.

Anypoint Access Management: The Anypoint Access Management is an underlying platform solution that allows customers to seamlessly integrate their existing authentication provider for centralized user management.

Multi Host On-Premises Management You can run the On-Premises Management platform on multiple hosts to enable High Availability of the system.

Business Groups You are enabled to create Business Groups and delegate the management of resources within each group and to easily delimit scopes, roles, and permissions.

System Requirements

Operating system

  • RHEL 7.1 or greater

  • CentOS 7.1 or greater


  • 20 GB for var/lib/docker

  • 1 GB for home directory


  • Docker engine 1.6.2 or later

  • Docker Compose 1.3.1 or later

Identity management provider

  • OpenAM 11.0 or later

  • PingFederate 6.10, 7.1 or 7.2

  • LDAP v3

Network ports

80, 8080, 8081, 443, 8443

Mule Runtime Agent

Version 1.3.2

Anypoint Runtime Manager

Release Cadence

We expect to ship a new version of the Anypoint Platform with new features around 6 months from now.

Given that the Anypoint Platform for On Premises is a snapshot of our Cloud solution, it will most likely not contain all the latest features developed for the cloud until a new version comes out with those. We cannot guarantee that all the Cloud Platform functionality will be available for On Premises, so we will highlight those differences as we have them.

Current differences with the Cloud Version

There are some differences between the current On premises release and the Cloud version of the Anypoint Platform, these are detailed below:

CloudHub/Applications: In the On Premises release, the CloudHub name has been changed to Applications as that is where you will be managing your applications and servers through the Anypoint Runtime Manager.

Anypoint Exchange: This is a private version of Anypoint Exchange, so you will not be able to see the public content available in the Cloud Version.

Anypoint Platform for APIs The On Premises version does not contain API Analytics.

Anypoint Runtime Manager The On Premises version does not contain Audit login functionality.

Known issues

AGW-695 Currently the API Gateway 2.1.0 or earlier running on Java 7 will default to TLS 1.0 that will cause a problem to use it with the Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition. This issue will not be there if you run it on Java 8, or apply the patch created for this problem.

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