Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition 1.5.2 Release Notes

April 7, 2017

Software Compatibility

Compatible with Version

Mule runtime

3.7.x - 3.8.x

API Gateway Runtime

2.1.x - 2.2.x

Runtime Manager Agent

1.5.2 - 1.5.3

Infrastructure providers

  • VMWare

  • Bare Metal

Feature Enhancements

This release includes the following feature enhancement:

  • Added support for RedHat SELinux: Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition supports any default SELinux profile running in strict mode. If your environment uses a custom profile, it must provide an unconstrained user context when running the installer. Review any custom profiles with your customer support representative.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue that improves the upgrade process from version 1.5.0

  • Fixed issue where administrator accounts were being disabled during upgrade

  • Fixed issue related to log viewer caching

  • Fixed SMTP issues related to EHLO validation

  • Fixed issue where SMTP parameters should not be sent as multi-part

  • Fixed issue to sanitized disclaimer to avoid XSS and unwanted HTML tags

  • Improved error messages when configuring disclaimer

Known Issues

Issue ID Description Workaround


Only LVM2 versions 2.02.166-1.el7_3.5 and earlier are supported. Later versions of LVM2 are not supported.


The smtp-configuration and platform-configuration Kubernetes secrets are backed up automatically, but are not restored

After a performing a system restore, you must reconfigure the SMTP and DNS configuration from the platfom.


The sudo ./update command may display an error indicating that no account migration is needed.

You can safely ignore this error.


SMTP configuration does not allow empty username/password


Configured plugins might not be listed when PCF is enabled


The link to view an application’s proxy in API Manager will redirect to Runtime Manager and display an error. The application is running but the link is incorrect.


LDAP group mapping not working with uppercase group names

Use role group mapping with LDAP group names in lowercase.


./install never exits after install completes

After the installation finishes, close the installer manually with Cntrl-C.


OpsCenter 'Console' disconnects after a while

Try reconnecting to the console after it disconnects.


OpsCenter is logging "harmless" error messages every 2 sec


Migration script required to migrate from version 1.5.0 to 1.5.1


Concurrent deployment in the same cluster fails

Avoid concurrency when deploying in the same clusters or retry deploying until it succeeds.


On the UI, when stopping an application, the reported status is not updated.

Refresh the screen.


OpenAM configuration must be set using the API, using the UI form leaves the configuration incomplete.

Use the API directly instead of the UI.


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