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Runtime Manager Agent 1.7.0 Release Notes

Enterprise Edition

May 23, 2017

Runtime Manager Agent 1.7.0 provides a new downloadable zip file to easily update Runtime Manager Agent. Download the Runtime Manager agent from the following URL.

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Runtime Manager Agent Install Guide: installing and configuring Runtime Manager Agent


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.6.n, 3.7.n, 3.8.n

API Gateway

2.n and above

Runtime Manager


Version 1.6.0 (as a minimum) is required to access features released as part of Runtime Manager Cloud V2.0+.

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.

Improvements and resolved issues

  • CHHYBRID-2770: Send the last date an application was started

  • CHHYBRID-2610: Send ClusteringTicket to Mule with the new clusteringPort property.

  • CHHYBRID-2711: Implement Stop Runtime on the Mule Agent

  • CHHYBRID-2710: Implement Restart on the Mule Agent

  • CHHYBRID-2692: Agent should send server metadata to the hybrid console

  • CHHYBRID-2749: Disable the Jackson feature to fail on unknown properties

Known Issues


Migration Guide

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