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Runtime Manager Agent 1.7.1 Release Notes

Enterprise Edition

June 26, 2017

Runtime Manager Agent 1.7.1 provides a new downloadable zip file to easily update Runtime Manager Agent. Download the Runtime Manager agent from the following URL.

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Runtime Manager Agent Install Guide: installing and configuring Runtime Manager Agent


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.6.n, 3.7.n, 3.8.n

API Gateway

2.n and above

Runtime Manager


Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.

Improvements and resolved issues

  • SE-5702: Flows of apps created with ApiKit are shown as Failed.

  • SE-6207: When writing business events to the ELK file, the process generates contention with a large number of events.

  • SE-5779: There seems to be some network contention when the disk buffering is enabled, causing network timeouts.

Known Issues


Migration Guide

The 1.7.1 release of the runtime manager agent changes the disk buffering implementation. In case you were using disk buffering on a previous version, you will be asked to manually remove remaining buffer files when running the runtime manager agent update.

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