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Runtime Manager Agent 1.9.1 Release Notes

November 10, 2017

Download Runtime Manager Agent, version 1.9.1 at the following URL:


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.6.x, 3.7.x, 3.8.x, 3.9.x

API Gateway

2.x and above

Runtime Manager


Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • Updated runtime status displayed in Runtime Manager to CONNECTED when the runtime is boot instead of when the application starts. This resolve an issue with servers experiencing disconnection issues when an application took longer than 50 seconds to start.

  • Fixed issue where application properties managed in Runtime Manager did not default to the correct values.

  • Changed the log level in situations when JMX is not found.

  • Fixed issue where Memory Server Metrics were not being collected correctly when configuring a different garbage collector in the wrapper.conf file.

  • Fixed issue with FileNotFoundException after installing the RUagent with -I flag.

  • [SE-6934] Fixed issue where global flags were not being considered when they were not set for trackedApplication.

  • [SE-6307] Fixed issue where the Runtime Manager Agent failed to work on the IBM JDK.

  • Added support for deploying applications to regions within the European Union. Update: Due a change in the SSL certificates, 1.9.1 has NO longer support for the European Union region. Please use the 1.9.2 and above version of the Mule Agent for that region’s support.

Known Issues


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