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Runtime Manager Agent 1.9.3 Release Notes

January 15, 2018

Download Runtime Manager Agent, version 1.9.3 at the following URL:


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.6.x, 3.7.x, 3.8.x, 3.9.x

API Gateway

2.x and above

Runtime Manager


Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


  • Add runtime version and agent version to response of the endpoint to retrieve information about the agent and the runtime.

  • Upgrade amc_debug script to exclude HEAP by default and include network check.

  • Support for Schedule Management on Clusters and Server Groups

Fixed Issues

  • Upgrade BouncyCastle library to 1.59 to fix vulnerability (CVE-2017-13098)

  • Fix bug in scheduling management where not all schedulers where being reported when the agent had schedulers configured.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

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