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Runtime Manager Agent 2.4.7 Release Notes

Jul 20, 2020

These are the new features and enhancements, known limitations, issues, and fixes in Anypoint Runtime Manager agent version 2.4.7.

New Features and Enhancements

The agent now supports the file protocol for application properties. If an application property is a URI with a file protocol, the agent reads the file content as the property value. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, set the following property in mule-agent.yaml: true

For more information, see ARM Mule Agent Plugin API.

Changes in This Release

This release includes no changed features.

Fixed Issues

This release contains the following fixed issues:

  • Fixed an issue in which starting a Mule application after flows become unmanaged caused an error message.

  • Fixed an issue in which restarting a logging service caused an error message.

  • Fixed an issue in which stopping a flow and redeploying the Mule application showed the flow as stopping instead of stopped.

  • The DataWeave preview feature now supports binary content for payload content.

Known Limitations and Workarounds

There are no known limitations or workarounds in this release.

Upgrade Requirements

There are no upgrade requirements for this release.

Compatibility Notes

Software Version

Mule runtime engine

This agent version is compatible only with Mule 4.1.x, Mule 4.2.x, and Mule 4.3.x.


JRE/JDK 1.8.0


MacOS 10.11.x, HP-UX 11i V3, AIX 7.2, Windows 2016 Server, Windows 10, Solaris 11.3, RHEL 7, Ubuntu Server 16.04

Runtime Manager


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