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Anypoint Runtime Manager 1.3 Release Notes

The Anypoint Runtime Manager, V1.3, release features usability enhancements on clustering support, backend improvements to enhance performance and functionality for the upcoming releases, and bug fixes. Including, but not limited to the mule connection manager.

This release is only available for the cloud version of the Runtime Manager, accesible online through the Anypoint Platform. It’s not yet available for the On Premises version of the Runtime Manager.

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


Agent plugins integrations is compatible with the following runtime versions:


3.6.x and above


Cloud only

API GateWay

2.x and above for API Analytics

Runtime Manager Agent

1.1.0 and above. However it is recommended that you use the latest version of Agent. Click here for the latest version of Agent.

The Runtime Manager version that is bundled as part of the Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition is Version 1.2.

Features and Functionality

Usability Enhancements for Clustering: this release includes improvements in clustering support in ARM

  • Visibility among nodes: Users now have the ability to view any communication issues between nodes in a cluster.

  • Master node: Identifies the master node in a cluster.

  • The IP of the nodes are now visible.

  • Cluster deployment changes: When a node is removed from a cluster the applications will be undeployed, avoiding unexpected behaviors.

RDBMS support (Beta)

Agent modules for Mule Runtime event tracking and API Gateway analytics, available on request. Support for MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle.

Deprecated Features or Functionality


Resolved Issues

  • SE-2861: Cannot delete disconnected servers with applications

  • CHHYBRID-962: User should not be able to create cluster and server groups if servers have different agent versions

  • CHHYBRID-1104: Cluster nodes are restarted multiple times during creation

  • CHHYBRID-1106: Configuration not synchronizing on server startup for groups and clusters

  • CHHYBRID-1113: Duplicated server name in Application panel

Migration Guidance

No migration required from older versions


No change.

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