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Runtime Manager 1.5.1 Release Notes

The Anypoint Runtime Manager, V1.5.1, release that includes enhancements and bug fixes.

To be released on August 27

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


Agent plugins integrations is compatible with the following runtime versions:


3.6.x and above.


Cloud only.

API GateWay

2.x and above for API Analytics

Runtime Manager Agent

Deprecated Features or Functionality


Resolved Issues

  • Several Application/Server dashboards enhancements

  • CHHYBRID-1954 - New timepicker in the applications tab of SG/Cluster Dashboard

  • CHHYBRID-1957 - Increase applications and targets timeouts

  • CHHYBRID-1956 - Fix "Last updated" label style in latest Chrome version

  • CHHYBRID-1968 - Alerts now have links to the pertinent dashboards

  • CHHYBRID-1961 - Ability to filter per resource type in alert conditions

  • CHHYBRID-1980 - Warning in server group/Cluster page if the plugins are incompatible

Migration Guidance

No migration required.

Known Issues

Apps/servers report a false state of “Not Connected” state even though they are online. This is a rare event that occurs in extremely short bursts and does not affect the performance or activity of the system. It fixes itself without any intervention.

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