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Anypoint Runtime Manager Version 2.10.0 Release Notes

Jan 26, 2019

This document describes new features and enhancements, known limitations, issues, and fixes in Anypoint Runtime Manager version 2.10.0.

New Features and Enhancements

  • New publicly signed certificates with two year expirations and an SHA256 signature algorithm for Root CA, Mule Manager, and Auth Proxy public endpoints.

Changes in This Release

  • Server Down and Up Alerts now trigger after a five second grace period to avoid Alert fatigue upon quick disconnections.

  • Runtime Manager API v1 maximum limit increased from 50 items to 250 items.

  • Faster, new react-based Runtime Manager servers UI with more consistency across the entire platform.

Fixed Issues

  • [SE-10157] The issue where the Runtime Manager Alerts template included incorrect applications deep-link is fixed.

Known Limitations and Workarounds

Use of new publicly signed certificates requires Agents version 2.2.0+ for Mule 4.x and 1.12.0+ for Mule 3.x.

Upgrade Requirements

There are no upgrade requirements for this release.

Compatibility Notes

There are no compatibility notes in this release.

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