Anypoint Studio 5.4.0 With Mule Runtime 3.7.3 Release Notes

November 30, 2015
Build ID: 201511302043


Mule Runtime
Version: 3.7.3 EE

Anypoint Studio
Version: 5.4.0
Build Id: 201511302043

Versions: 1.6.3 - 1.7.3

SAP Connector
Versions: 2.1.2 - 2.2.7

Version 1.0.3

New Features

Graphical Mapping Meets DataWeave

Studio now includes graphical mapping capabilities for DataWeave, allowing you to easily perform drag and drop mappings, with all the power of the DataWeave runtime. As you construct the mapping, the DataWeave code and your output preview are dynamically built, allowing you to see the results as you progress.

dw mapping

DataMapper to DataWeave Migration Assistant

For DataMapper users, a migration tool is now included in Studio, which will assist users in converting their maps to DataWeave Scripts. Users can right click on DataMapper, select Migrate to DataWeave, and follow the instructions.

dw migrator

New Modern Theme

Studio now includes a new theme that has been designed from the ground up to offer a more modern look and better experience. You can opt into this theme at any time by going to Preferences > Appearance and selecting the Studio Light Theme.

studio theme

Redesigned and Configurable Palette

The palette has been redesigned to improve usability and configurability. You can now create custom palette profiles in the preferences, allowing you to configure which items you see. You can also now configure the size and location of the palette.

new look

Other Improvements

There are several other improvements in this release as well:

  • The Mule project menus have been reorganized to provide improved usability.

  • Improved performance in the rendering of editors and flows.

  • MUnit is now included out of the box in Studio, making it easier to get started testing your Mule applications.

  • Many bug fixes

Hardware and Software System Requirements

  • For most use cases, Anypoint Studio with the 3.7.x Runtime does not change hardware or software requirements.

  • MuleSoft recommends a minimum of 4GB RAM on a developer workstation. As applications become complex, consider adding more RAM.

  • This version of Anypoint Studio requires Java 7.

Note: If you are installing Anypoint Studio on a Mac computer with OS X that has no Java installed, the OS may require that you first download and install JDK 1.6. Install JDK 1.6 first and then install JDK 1.7.

Migration Guide

  • From the previous version of Studio 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.2.0, 5.2.1, to 5.3.0 there is no special migration needed, but when opening a previous Workspace with projects that were created with Studio 5.1.0 or older, and which has metadata stored in disk, Studio asks you to perform an update to all the projects so that the Metadata Manager can handle the types and to show the types in your project.

Studio as an Eclipse plugin only works with Eclipse 4.3 or 4.4 due to an SWT dependency.

You can easily import all of the external components that you had installed in your old version of Anypoint Studio through a single action. This includes connectors, runtimes, and any other type of extension added through the Anypoint Exchange or the โ€‹Help → Install new softwareโ€‹ menu, as long as there are no compatibility restrictions.

Do this by selecting File→Import and then choose Install→From existing installation.


Then specify the location of your old version of Anypoint Studio in your local drive.

Known Issues

  • STUDIO-7397: domain does not exist when importing a GW project from an older Studio version

  • STUDIO-7396 GW Domain is created without global configuration

  • STUDIO-7394 "Domain does not exist" when importing a GW project

  • STUDIO-1751 Import the WSDL in Mule Studio in SOAP Component - Option to browse for WSDL

  • STUDIO-7175 [Deploy to AMC] ApiGateway runtime is not recognized in Studio UI when deploying to AMC

  • STUDIO-7314 Setting incorrect URL in Anypoint Platform preferences displays wrong error

Deprecated in this Release

Nothing was deprecated in this release.

Eclipse Plugin

If you are using Studio as an Eclipse plugin, you can get this version of Studio using the Eclipse update site http://studio.mulesoft.org/r4/plugin.

This allows you to download Anypoint Studio core and third-party components version 5.x.x and with an embedded version of Mule Runtime v3.7.x along with other optional components.
For a detailed description of the update site’s content visit the Studio in Eclipse section.

Jira Ticket List for Anypoint Studio

Bug Fixes

  • [STUDIO-4484] - Changes in Mule Properties View can’t be saved until the view loses focus

  • [STUDIO-4920] - [Palette] Palette’s toolbar filter erases the text when hitting enter

  • [STUDIO-5376] - Mule Config Flow Editor marks file as modified just by selecting an item

  • [STUDIO-5378] - Mule Studio include snapshot repository pom entries when creating a maven enabled project

  • [STUDIO-5833] - Wrong background color in certain components

  • [STUDIO-5935] - Empty canvas prompt only appears when new project is created

  • [STUDIO-5937] - Disable the RAML file in new project dialog

  • [STUDIO-6024] - HTTP Request: when removing parameters an invalid tag is left in the XML that might cause Flow exceptions

  • [STUDIO-6084] - Problem with Validation in Transactional Message Processors

  • [STUDIO-6290] - Transform: Input view it’s hidden when you start to expand it to the right

  • [STUDIO-6293] - Transform: when starting a new mapping, 2 payload tabs are created for 1 input

  • [STUDIO-6316] - Transform: problem when renaming a project

  • [STUDIO-6421] - Transform: lambda autocompletion doesn’t suggest keys defined in different elements of the array

  • [STUDIO-6432] - Transform: autocompletion in functions declaration does not suggest parameters

  • [STUDIO-6434] - Transform: declared functions are not suggested in autocompletion

  • [STUDIO-6464] - Transform: when my config points to an non existing DFL file I get a grey Message Properties Window

  • [STUDIO-6488] - Output Metadata type not extracted for connectors that return different input and output types for a single typeName

  • [STUDIO-6512] - Transform: if the metadata of the mock changes I loose the script I had created before

  • [STUDIO-6538] - Transform: I can edit the File name when the On File radio is not selected

  • [STUDIO-6624] - Transform: Unexpected Error generated the error log when parsing an script with errors in it

  • [STUDIO-6640] - Studio locks up during DataWeave preview

  • [STUDIO-6723] - Transform: sample file reference is lost for all part of the Message but payload

  • [STUDIO-6771] - When creating a new project, you can select a RAML file without selecting the "Add APIkit components" option previously

  • [STUDIO-6781] - Bean ids flag as duplicated when they are not

  • [STUDIO-6809] - Transform: scaffold of keys with special characters should add quotes

  • [STUDIO-6812] - Transform: NPE when trying to mock an input that has keys that starts with especial characters

  • [STUDIO-6836] - Transform: Can’t edit sample data

  • [STUDIO-6840] - Transform: Color highlighting is lost in the sample data when the input metadata is unknown

  • [STUDIO-6888] - [DW] Running preview becomes unresponsive

  • [STUDIO-7000] - Transform: output of a null payload is displaying an invalid content

  • [STUDIO-7009] - Transform UI: When in Visual View and editing the script, the cursor is always moved to the top

  • [STUDIO-7011] - [DW-UI] Doing drag and drop over an unknown target payload deletes your script and can’t be undo

  • [STUDIO-7012] - [DW-UI] Drag and drop Properties over Unknown payload hangs Studio

  • [STUDIO-7014] - FlowVars,SessionVars, Validator and RecordVars don’t get highlighted

  • [STUDIO-7027] - Problems in the XML editor remain even when already solved

  • [STUDIO-7028] - [SE] Mule Properties Editor chews backslashes

  • [STUDIO-7043] - HTTP Request: when typing parameters in the Path a uri-param is generated for each key you press

  • [STUDIO-7047] - "Refresh Types" button deletes the associated connectors' types caches structures

  • [STUDIO-7069] - NPE when importing a project from General Import

  • [STUDIO-7071] - [External References] External references don’t refreshed correctly when adding a jar via maven

  • [STUDIO-7075] - Studio fails to open mule configurations when the file has a Byte Order Marker

  • [STUDIO-7076] - [Transform] Default encoding for XML mock should be UTF-8

  • [STUDIO-7099] - When right clicking in ErrorLog/Problems/Console views, the options for "Apikit" and "Domain" appear

  • [STUDIO-7100] - APIkit is missing disableValidations option

  • [STUDIO-7102] - Remove Twitter and Facebook from the Studio distribution

  • [STUDIO-7106] - Studio Freezes on Linux

  • [STUDIO-7108] - Next method should support data sense

  • [STUDIO-7113] - Http Connector config label for no authentication is blank

  • [STUDIO-7122] - Bad performance in Studio

  • [STUDIO-7130] - Maven project adds duplicated dependencies

  • [STUDIO-7131] - Unnecessary repositories added to maven project

  • [STUDIO-7132] - Unnecessary dependencies added to maven project

  • [STUDIO-7135] - Remove unused configuration from mule-app-maven-plugin

  • [STUDIO-7137] - pom template should not use build-helper-maven-plugin

  • [STUDIO-7148] - Studio JAR validation does not work with MySQL driver

  • [STUDIO-7149] - Memory leak while using DataWeave

  • [STUDIO-7152] - When creating new global elements the name suggested only takes into account global elements in the same Mule configuration

  • [STUDIO-7156] - [DW-UI] Changing the target to an existing file breaks the editor and generates a NPE

  • [STUDIO-7163] - Error retrieving DataSense structures with multiple categories

  • [STUDIO-7164] - Exchange won’t open when there are problems generating list of installed features

  • [STUDIO-7165] - [DW-UI] Problems with Drag and Drop

  • [STUDIO-7166] - [DW-UI] using keyword makes the arrows, functions signs and tubes not being drawn

  • [STUDIO-7172] - DataWeave editor changes are not saved

  • [STUDIO-7179] - [DW-UI] Error message and UI gets broken

  • [STUDIO-7181] - [DW-UI] When metadata is not defined, right click doesn’t work

  • [STUDIO-7182] - [Metadata] When using multiple metadata categories Metadata Tree viewer always shows Unknown

  • [STUDIO-7186] - [DW-UI] Problem with performance in tree and rendering of fx icons when filtering

  • [STUDIO-7192] - Studio fails to validate external libraries within the Global Element Configuration

  • [STUDIO-7207] - DW-UI Performance Issue with hover functionality

  • [STUDIO-7209] - Improve DataWeave error display

  • [STUDIO-7213] - DW preview hangs for a long time when using very big classes

  • [STUDIO-7215] - [DW UI] NPE is thrown when using a JSON Schema custom type.

  • [STUDIO-7216] - DW: NPE when navigating output tree

  • [STUDIO-7217] - DW: When undoing an action of code generated, you always have to do it twice

  • [STUDIO-7218] - DW: Undo doesn’t work when the focus is set in the trees

  • [STUDIO-7219] - DW: when changing the target to a file an empty file is created.

  • [STUDIO-7224] - DW: NPE when drag and drop Categories to Elements

  • [STUDIO-7225] - Problem opening DW (Mule Properties Editor)

  • [STUDIO-7227] - DW: header properties are not shown in autocompletion

  • [STUDIO-7228] - DW: drag and drop deletes my previous script

  • [STUDIO-7229] - [Palette] There is not an icon for the palette view option.

  • [STUDIO-7231] - [Palette] Previous configuration is lost when editing a profile.

  • [STUDIO-7232] - [Palette] Two profiles with the same name.

  • [STUDIO-7233] - [Palette] You have to select a category to save a profile.

  • [STUDIO-7237] - [Palette] Palette tab is duplicated when adding it to views container.

  • [STUDIO-7238] - [Palette] Profile name length should be limited and accepts only alphanumeric letters.

  • [STUDIO-7239] - DW: propagated metadata overrides the defined metadata

  • [STUDIO-7240] - DW: Metadata in input tree is not refreshed until you change the focus of the editor

  • [STUDIO-7241] - DW: When changing the Metadata of a Flow Var with a primitive type nothing is updated

  • [STUDIO-7242] - [Palette] Palette is not shown when interacting with different files.

  • [STUDIO-7243] - [Palette] When minimizing the Palette view, it does not show any icon.

  • [STUDIO-7244] - DW: is not highlighting keys in the script when you use the when keyword

  • [STUDIO-7246] - DW: There are some cases where the keys generated with Drag and Drop are added in the wrong place

  • [STUDIO-7247] - [Palette] When closing two mule configuration files in different containers, general Studio visual goes wrong.

  • [STUDIO-7250] - [DW UI] When double clicking on the name of any type, it is added to the editor.

  • [STUDIO-7254] - DW: When dropping a MAP operation over a previous MAP, it visually covers all the previous mappings and lines

  • [STUDIO-7256] - [Palette] An icon for the palette tab should be added.

  • [STUDIO-7257] - [Palette] Checkbox to un/select all MPs should not work for default profiles.

  • [STUDIO-7261] - [Palette] When restarting Studio, the palette is not shown automatically.

  • [STUDIO-7262] - AbEnd when canceling a deployment to CloudHub

  • [STUDIO-7263] - If my mule project name is "mule-project" The mule app file is associated to the wrong editor

  • [STUDIO-7272] - [Palette] When opening Palette Profiles, Categories should be shown as closed.

  • [STUDIO-7273] - [Palette] When expanding Palette Profile window, it’s not properly expanded.

  • [STUDIO-7274] - [Palette] When changing to Configuration or Global Elements view, Palette is shown.

  • [STUDIO-7275] - DW: when using with quotes in the keys you get FX icons instead of the connecting lines

  • [STUDIO-7278] - [Palette] Palette Search does not work after uninstalling any plugin.

  • [STUDIO-7282] - Decorating a Container with icons, makes the container resize

  • [STUDIO-7283] - Doing focus on a flow always shows Unknown input and output metadata

  • [STUDIO-7285] - DW: Multiple targets with errors hangs studio

  • [STUDIO-7286] - DW: out of sync error

  • [STUDIO-7290] - [Palette] Palette categories are not automatically shown when opening Palette view.

  • [STUDIO-7291] - Fix alignment of search boxes for palette and DS explorer in new UI

  • [STUDIO-7295] - DW: auto-mapping of fields is only working for JSON

  • [STUDIO-7297] - DW: Mapping complex POJO to POJO hangs Studio

  • [STUDIO-7298] - [Palette] Restore Default button is not working properly with custom profiles

  • [STUDIO-7301] - [Palette] Palette is not well positioned in in Debug Mode.

  • [STUDIO-7302] - DW: when the palette is closed, CMD + F (Find) does not work

  • [STUDIO-7307] - [Palette] Show view menu shows the same name for standard and MuleSoft Palette

  • [STUDIO-7308] - DW: Preview is not showing the exceptions when it fails for some reason

  • [STUDIO-7313] - [Light Theme] Munits icons don’t change when changing to Light theme.

  • [STUDIO-7317] - Remove GPL code and libraries from studio sources

  • [STUDIO-7319] - Add Mule 3.7.2.ee to runtime repository

  • [STUDIO-7329] - When editing a flow name for second time in a row, it is not saved.

  • [STUDIO-7330] - When Installing a connector with the Studio Devkit plugin, it is not being added to the new Palette

  • [STUDIO-7331] - DW: setting the DW Script to flowVars is generating an error message and throwing some exceptions

  • [STUDIO-7333] - DW: Filtering in very big structures is hanging Studio

  • [STUDIO-7334] - [SE-2621] Studio showing wrong validation failure for the shared resource.

  • [STUDIO-7336] - DW: Comments in the DW script are preventing the drawing of the mapping lines

  • [STUDIO-7338] - DW: unselected map lines are almost invisible

  • [STUDIO-7340] - DW: NPE in DW when drag and drop hangs Studio

  • [STUDIO-7341] - DW: Right Click in Payload doesn’t work when the payload it’s Unknown

  • [STUDIO-7342] - DW: I should be able to configure name and metadata for FlowVars, Properties and Record Variables from the input tree

  • [STUDIO-7344] - DW: In some cases there is a Class Cast Exception and the DW UI is not displayed anymore

  • [STUDIO-7346] - DW: NPE when Drag and Drop XML elements from the Properties section in the input tree

  • [STUDIO-7347] - DW: CMD + Z in any editor generates a ClassCastException

  • [STUDIO-7349] - DW: in some cases I have errors marked in my Script but not in the Canvas

  • [STUDIO-7350] - Cannot start a flow dropping an SMTP endpoint on the canvas

  • [STUDIO-7351] - [Palette] After opening Studio and trying to search in the palette, it does not work.

  • [STUDIO-7352] - Palette: Improve Design Details

  • [STUDIO-7353] - Visual Redesign: Improve design details

  • [STUDIO-7356] - [Palette] Copy and Paste are not working in the search.

  • [STUDIO-7357] - [Palette] Link to exchange should limit the amount of characters shown.

  • [STUDIO-7358] - [Palette] Close button to erase a search is not showing the palette again.

  • [STUDIO-7359] - [Palette] Palette categories are shown when configuration XML or global elements views are opened.

  • [STUDIO-7362] - DW: variables defined in a DW are not being propagated

  • [STUDIO-7363] - Running a project repeatedly fails with a FileSystemException

  • [STUDIO-7364] - DW: change label for new variable

  • [STUDIO-7365] - Keys which don’t start with letters don’t generate correct code

  • [STUDIO-7367] - DW: auto-mapping of fields is hanging Studio with some XMLs

  • [STUDIO-7369] - DW: IndexOutOfBound Exception when doing "Edit Sample Data" of an unknown payload

  • [STUDIO-7375] - DW: NPE when adding new Variables / Properties in the input tree

  • [STUDIO-7377] - Problem with ErrorMarkers location

  • [STUDIO-7378] - Error marker is not displayed in the correct MP inside of a Batch.

  • [STUDIO-7380] - New Palette: NPE when closing the Welcome Screen

  • [STUDIO-7391] - [Debugger] It overwrites payload value when focusing it.

  • [STUDIO-7392] - NPE when selecting Default domain

  • [STUDIO-7393] - DW: NPE when adding keys to the mapping from the output tree


  • [STUDIO-2729] - Namespaces are not added automatically when pasting code

  • [STUDIO-3471] - Multiple Runtimes and Maven support: when changing the runtime version the pom.xml is not updated

  • [STUDIO-4228] - Enable filter options in combo boxes

  • [STUDIO-6136] - [DF] Implementation of improved error reporting/layout for samples

  • [STUDIO-6230] - [DF] Output format dropdown

  • [STUDIO-6235] - [DF] Add a dot indicator to mapped values

  • [STUDIO-6517] - Studio should add Filter interface when creating a CustomFilter

  • [STUDIO-6786] - Create new project wizard :: Improve the experience when creating an APIkit project with a RAML file

  • [STUDIO-6932] - [DW] Support defining metadata at the DataWeave component level

  • [STUDIO-6946] - [DW-UI] Add support for undo

  • [STUDIO-6947] - [DW-UI] Show a DND hint when the visual editor is empty

  • [STUDIO-6948] - [DW-UI] Automapping of collection fields

  • [STUDIO-6956] - Update splash screen & update studio icons

  • [STUDIO-6976] - Invert the position of the columns in the mule-project.xml

  • [STUDIO-6977] - Hide the Name field in the mule-project.xml

  • [STUDIO-7065] - Graphical support for properties in SMTP endpoint

  • [STUDIO-7073] - Add Details Panel when selecting MetaData Types

  • [STUDIO-7079] - [DW-UI] Show line number ruler in SideEditor

  • [STUDIO-7080] - [DW-UI] When a tree element is selected SideEditor should scroll to the selected line

  • [STUDIO-7081] - [DW-UI] Improve how mappings are drawn when trees are filtered

  • [STUDIO-7082] - [DW-UI] Improve scrolling in mapping painter when tree elements get not visible

  • [STUDIO-7086] - Git ignore file should contain Studio generated project files

  • [STUDIO-7087] - Show better error message when DataSense fails because of errors in the classpath

  • [STUDIO-7093] - [DW-UI] Add preview in graphical view

  • [STUDIO-7109] - Connector configuration dropdown should auto select the global element when just one is created

  • [STUDIO-7118] - Maven contextual menu should be shown when right clicking on the pom.xml file

  • [STUDIO-7176] - DataWeave: Mark %input as error in the script view and remove it from autocompletion

  • [STUDIO-7185] - Bean ID Validation scopes

  • [STUDIO-7221] - Palette: category icons in MAC and Linux should be more square

  • [STUDIO-7223] - Palette: improve text appearance when a different editor is selected

  • [STUDIO-7234] - [Palette] New Profiles should be added at the end of the list.

  • [STUDIO-7235] - [Palette] Suggestions should be added to the search of Palette Profiles preference

  • [STUDIO-7252] - [Palette] A message should be shown when there are not results for the search.

  • [STUDIO-7253] - Allow to finish the new Mule project wizard when the root Raml file is not valid

  • [STUDIO-7260] - [DW] Improve the color scheme

  • [STUDIO-7281] - DW: when defining the output metadata, the type should be used to update the output header

  • [STUDIO-7299] - Transform: Autocomplete should suggest available writer options

  • [STUDIO-7320] - Modify style of Palette Message and Mule Properties view when there is nothing open.

  • [STUDIO-7360] - Add support for changes on connectors editor.xml

  • [STUDIO-7386] - API-GATEWAY Domain creation improvements in Studio

New Features

  • [STUDIO-4044] - Input, process records and on-complete section should be vertically aligned

  • [STUDIO-6846] - As a user I would like to have a new Palette view

  • [STUDIO-6862] - [DW-UI] Change Editor Layout

  • [STUDIO-6863] - [DW-UI] XML Support

  • [STUDIO-6864] - [DW-UI] Add Switch between Code and Graphical modes

  • [STUDIO-6868] - [DW-UI] Code Generation for special cases

  • [STUDIO-6869] - [DW-UI] Add coding support in graphical mode

  • [STUDIO-6870] - [DW-UI] Support selection in input/output trees

  • [STUDIO-6872] - [DW-UI] Improve how connections and context are drawn

  • [STUDIO-6873] - [DW-UI] Show indicators for each field that display if is mapped or not

  • [STUDIO-6933] - Things to be defined

  • [STUDIO-6954] - HTTP Connector: Add validation to the 'Host' field

  • [STUDIO-7025] - [DW-UI] Add support for delete mappings

  • [STUDIO-7026] - [DW-UI] Add support for selecting a mapping

  • [STUDIO-7150] - [DW-UI] Add Define Metadata when input/output tree are empty

  • [STUDIO-7151] - [DW-UI] Improve dw scripting parser

  • [STUDIO-7168] - As a user I would like to have a new way to define a Mule project with APIkit

  • [STUDIO-7195] - Update canvas to display circle layout and new icons

  • [STUDIO-7198] - Opt in to new UI via what’s new

New Tasks

  • [STUDIO-4611] - Preference pane cleanup

  • [STUDIO-6798] - Bundle MUnit out of the box in Studio

  • [STUDIO-7202] - Don’t add DataMapper mappings folder for new projects

  • [STUDIO-7203] - Mark DataMapper as deprecated

  • [STUDIO-7293] - Validate Mule 3.5.4

Jira Ticket List for DataWeave

DataWeave Known Issues

  • STUDIO-7382 DataWeave cannot parse correctly an XMLStreamReader

  • STUDIO-7376 DW: circle in the left tree should be painted when collapsed keys are in use

  • STUDIO-7374 DW: improve message when assigning a value to a key that is present in multiple contexts

  • STUDIO-7373 Data Weave: Weave does not add the selected fields (from the Scaffold) to the payload template

  • STUDIO-7372 DW: When changing the target my layout should not be changed

  • STUDIO-7368 DW: auto-mapping of fields does not work for MAP and CSV

  • STUDIO-7366 DW: when the script starts to grow (assuming having too many parenthesis) at some point it hangs Studio

  • STUDIO-7335 DW: Warning errors in the DW Script are not marked in the editor

  • STUDIO-7318 DW: autocompletion in header properties is not exposing the types of the properties

  • STUDIO-7309 DW: Generating Sample Data for XML text is creating an invalid XML content

  • STUDIO-7296 DW: changing the metadata in the input tree does not update the UI until changing the focus and it removes the metadata of the output tree

  • STUDIO-7294 DW: When pasting payloads in the sample data it takes too long

  • STUDIO-7284 DW: Error Marker is not removed when deleting the current target

  • STUDIO-7259 DW: Runtime validations are not running when preview is not attached

  • STUDIO-7228 DW: drag and drop deletes my previous script

  • STUDIO-7226 DW: Error marker is placed in the MP but no error in the script is shown

  • STUDIO-7208 DW-UI Performance Issues with DW editor when file are big

  • STUDIO-7206 Studio editor: Errors are shown when uppercase letters are used in the input/output MIME types

  • STUDIO-7187 [DW-UI] Problem with highlight in right tree when mapping more than one element

  • STUDIO-7183 [DW-UI] mapObject is not adding the fx icon in some particular cases cases

  • STUDIO-7142 DataWeave with Studio 5.3.1

  • STUDIO-7095 DataWeave date transform doesn’t consider the symbol i.e. "-" to "/". It only display "-".

  • STUDIO-7031 DataWeave syntax error when using functions.

  • STUDIO-7002 Weave - regenerate input payload, else mapping doesn’t work

  • STUDIO-6965 Automatic conversion performed by dataweave

  • STUDIO-6892 DataWeave preview show an exception in error log when output is Java using some Date fields

  • STUDIO-6890 Scaffolder is not supporting "java.sql.Timestamp" and "java.sql.Time"

  • STUDIO-6880 Lookup DW function not supported from preview

  • STUDIO-6876 Scaffolding for Byte is generating "????"

  • STUDIO-6859 Autocomplete does not suggest "payload" after unary operators

  • STUDIO-6857 Autocomplete does not suggest "payload" after using "++" operator

  • STUDIO-6775 Transforme: when using %type keyword the metadata is not reflecting the defined type

  • STUDIO-6774 Same prefix with different value for namespace does not work properly in autocomplete

  • STUDIO-6755 Transform: remove error displaying from Preview

  • STUDIO-6749 Transforms: keywords should be allowed to be use as keys

  • STUDIO-6742 Transform: NPE when scaffolding XML

  • STUDIO-6737 Transform: circumflex in error messages it’s misplaced

  • STUDIO-6719 Improve Error handelling when the project has classpath problems

  • STUDIO-6698 Transform: Missing width scrollbar in Java Preview

  • STUDIO-6653 Transform: update autocompletion in header

  • STUDIO-6609 Mime type on set payload/variable/session variable doesn’t propagate

  • STUDIO-6603 weave() function reparses document every time

  • STUDIO-6583 Transform: when the output it’s not the payload, there should be a validation that Name it’s specified (required)

  • STUDIO-6577 Transform: autocompletion stops working if all the commas are not in the right place

  • STUDIO-6562 Transform: keyboard shortcuts don’t work in the variable / property name combo

  • STUDIO-6561 Transform: missing validation when the name of the keys are updated

  • STUDIO-6550 Transform: selecting a text and pressing the TAB key clears the text instead of moving it

  • STUDIO-6539 Transform: when setting a file that already exists the user should warned

  • STUDIO-6520 Transform: creating a second payload tab some times it’s not saved

  • STUDIO-6508 Transform: add description to the different Child elements and attributes in the XML autocompletion

New Features

  • [MDF-91] - Need valid options for reader and writers

  • [MDF-121] - [DW-Migrator] Migrate conversion functions

Bug Fixes

  • [MDF-17] - There is no way to close an XML tag inline

  • [MDF-62] - Java writer does not coerce numbers to string

  • [MDF-119] - java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'i'

  • [MDF-123] - Java Writer Should autocoerce to string

  • [MDF-125] - CData is not working in this example

  • [MDF-126] - Mapping with number output in a Java Map failing since Mule 3.7.2

  • [MDF-127] - Data Weave escapes values when it is not required

  • [MDF-128] - NPE When script returns null

  • [MDF-129] - Index selector not working with Iterator

  • [MDF-132] - Namespace error when doing XML to XML transformation

  • [MDF-133] - CSV file to Iterator doesn’t work for big files

  • [MDF-134] - Stack Overflow when trying to consume an iterator

  • [MDF-135] - StackOverflow exception on ChildExecutionContext.activateFrame when trying to use the lookup function with a condition

  • [MDF-136] - Class is not supported for data weave

  • [MDF-138] - Accessing the last item of a range gives a wrong element

  • [MDF-141] - FlowVars not set in DW context

  • [MDF-142] - Index Out Of Bound With incomplete CSV

  • [MDF-146] - DataWeave - Decimal format does not work when using output type application/java

  • [MDF-149] - DW is not being able to process some XML files and it hangs there

  • [MDF-154] - Xml Should support nodes with text


  • [MDF-124] - XML reader should support optional child elements

New Tasks

  • [MDF-81] - Spike on DataMapper migration tool

  • [MDF-140] - Redirect Github documentation to Mule documentation

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