Anypoint Studio January 2015 with 3.6.0 Runtime Release Notes

MuleSoft is pleased to announce the release of Anypoint Studio January 2015. Our new version of Anypoint Studio includes the 3.6.0 Runtime and a trial license for Enterprise Edition. This release includes many productivity enhancers, support for new/existing Mule ESB features, visual enhancements and a major upgrade to the base Eclipse IDE.

New Features and Functionality

  • Mule 3.6 runtime support: Anypoint Studio now supports all the latest features from the Mule ESB 3.6.0 release, including the new HTTP connector and updated AMQP connector.

  • Connect to APIs easily using RAML: If you’re using RAML, you can now use it to connect to your API using Studio and the new HTTP connector. Studio will provide content assist for the resources and operations, as well as DataSense capabilities - meaning you’ll have instant access to visualize and map the payload.

  • Flow design improvements and Eclipse upgrade: Simplified toolbar and an improved flow design. Studio now has separate containers for message sources and message logic, ensuring readability of flows. You can also collapse the exception strategy sections of flows.

  • Upgraded Eclipse framework: Anypoint Studio is now based on Eclipse 4.4.

  • Run multiple applications at once and share resources with domains: Now you can run multiple applications in a single runtime by creating runtime configurations that launch multiple applications. Shared resources are also supported, allowing you to create shared domain projects that contain connectors. To start, you can create a new Mule Domain project and change your applications to use this shared domain through the mule-project.xml settings.

Upgrading from an existing instance of Anypoint Studio or previous Mule runtime version? Refer to the Migration Guide.

Current Release Versions

Enterprise Runtime

ESB Runtime

Version: 3.6.0 EE

Anypoint Studio

Version: January 2015 Release Version 5.0.0
Build Number: 201501151524

Anypoint DevKit



Version: 1.5.1

Management Console


SAP Connector

Version: 2.2.5

Known Issues in this Release

This list covers important known issues with Anypoint Studio with the 3.6.0 Runtime. Please read this list before reporting any issues you may spot.

  • When using the HTTP Connector with a RAML, users may sometimes be forced to click "Refresh Metadata" to get metadata to properly appear.

Anypoint Studio (these are bugs fixed, not known issues!)

JIRA Summary


Sometimes when removing several items one by one undo works only once. (usually in Edit > Undo case)


Fatal error when trying to delete a Mule project


Confusing window when renaming a project


Script Transformer and Script Component change the generic script framework to specific transformer and component script depending on the engine when clicking on OK and clicking on config XML and coming back to the canvas


Expression Transformer


No need to transform spaces in underscores for flow name and we need to remove the warning saying that flow should not contain spaces


Undo option (command + z / Ctrl + z ) does not work if you remove a global element


Icon not showing when adding dependency


Block the editing of the DisplayName in the canvas for Exception Strategies


Direct-edit display name has a strange behavior under Windows


When using the filter palette behavior is not the same for all the categories


The main toolbar disappears when minimizing the Welcome Screen


Extract to flow: it is not working well when I extract the flow to a file that is opened


Convert to Outbound: when converting an HTTP endpoint to outbound the canvas UI is nor refreshed.


When publishing to application repository application name accepts characters which are not allowed by MMC and action fails


Delete all breakpoints only works if one selected


Undo doesn’t occur in the Message Flow tab when deleting an inbound-endpoint and the processor next to it


Eclipse help links don’t open external browser on Mac and Linux


Error when executing flow with DataMapper and FunctionalTestCase


Can’t find mp attributes easily on the property editor view


When reloading meta data in DataMapper and using XML the rules are deleted


Clear application data default should be never


Improve Poll fixed frequency scheduler UI


Element: Multi transaction is not allowed to be child of element VM


Debugger: breakpoints in Message Routers are not being displayed in the canvas


Problem with Undo


MS Dynamics CRM


Autocomplete: Issues inside "Message Property


DataSense not propagated from DataMapper in batch:input phase to datamapper inside a batch:commit


When using APIkit its global exception strategy shows up in every cloud connector’s global configuration combobox


Problem with Maven settings after configuring them wrong


DM DateTime Not supporting 2013-10-07T20:40:32.580Z


Maximizing and then minimizing property editors leaves editor in invalid state


Debugger: is not running when having Studio installed in a folder without write permissions


Batch can be dropped into response


Switching Focus to other window when double click on a component in the message flow


Drawing problem when placing CXF and REST components after a Choice


Datamapper :: User defined lookup tables :: several UI issues


Change reference within Legacy Modernization example from Mule Studio to Anypoint Studio


DataMapper :: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space


Mule Example Project not being displayed in Mule Debug perspective


DataMapper :: 'Edit structure' is enabled when file or structure was not defined


Palette :: Filter of deprecated elements show empty categories when the MPs are not visible


Property element is marked as invalid when used as a child element of imap or pop3 inbound endpoints




DataMapper :: Studio closes unexpectedly


Assertion Error when creating a project with Maven


Import :: Duplicated project without copying to Workspace


Cannot delete multiple Connections from the Connections Explorer at once


SAP Add driver Feature: JCo dependency disappears from the Problems pane


SAP :: imported project


Login popup is displayed when trying to deploy to CloudHub


Reconnect forever checkbox enabled when no reconnection strategy is used


SAP search is not returning custom IDocs


OAuth2 connector does not fill theelement when saved


Hard crash of Java after opening a new Anypoint Studio install


Memory leak when using the new HTTP Connector and DataSense


HTTP Connector: the order of the parameters added is not preserved


Export :: Unhandled event loop exception when no path is set


Studio closes unexpectedly when scrolling in welcome page


Changing connector’s display name and saving it doesn’t change the name in the connector’s properties tab


Encoding for SAP XML template and XSD is always UTF-16


New Launcher: Problem when running an application twice


IllegalArgumentException when closing properties editor and going to XML view


Studio with Mule 3.6.0-M2 does not log launches and application messages.


Can’t close template repository


Add support for MULE-7923 in scatter-gather


NPE When Studio launches


RAML Connector


RAML Connector


Support new logging flag "mule.forceConsoleLog" in 3.6+ servers


Library button not working in nightly


New Flow Container: Problem drawing scope lines


Eclipse Luna: The Palette loses the left grey bar creating a bad look and feel


Studio swaps icon when open library


Exception strategies should be left aligned


Input block should be center aligned


Adding a Catch Exception Strategy through the Global Elements View cases spaces


FunctionalTestCase takes too long to run


Remove INFO messages from continuously showing up on Studio console


No server was found exception


Palette boundary disappears when canvas loses focus


New Containers :: Response block arrow is not aligned


NPE :: Error setting focus


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded


Add the verb PATCH to the HTTP endpoint


DataMapper :: NPE when Copying from Input/Output


Exception found by Q7 Automated tests in org.mule.tooling.EventBus


Clear Application data prompt selecting yes kills flows


java.lang.IllegalStateException: Mule project is null in design context


Exception in MacOS Yosemite


New Containers: NPE when dropping an Exception Strategy out of a flow


New Containers: Moving an inbound endpoint to the process area asks you to convert it to outbound but it doesn’t do it


New Containers: you are not allowed to drag a CC that has a Message Source in the input section


New Containers: Exception Strategies it is impossible to drop a second ES inside of a choice


Problem with drag and drop and HTTP Endpoint


HTTP Listener it’s under the Endpoints category and ti should be in Connectors


New Containers: Exception Strategies should be aligned to the Left


Eclipse Luna :: Several issues to review


Eclipse Luna: Problem with Themes


Eclipse Luna :: Global elements editor broken when gaining focus from outside the editor


New Containers: Transactional arrows are in diagonal


NPE :: Failed to create Parts control


UnsupportedOperationException when using domains


[Launcher] Export package support with domains: add the ability to only export a project without its parent domain


Anypoint Studio crashes on code completion on Linux


New Container: Problem with layout


HTTP Response Builder: Problem with Layout when having long strings


Cannot launch old/existing launch configurations


NPE When creating a new project


New Containers: when I drop a Message source from the input to the process nothing happens


New Database :: Configuration editor fields disabled when opening the first time


Eclipse Luna: When changing the focus from the palette the text is hidden


Problem creating new projects and domains


New Database :: When driver is missing there is no validation after saving changes


New Database :: NPE when retrieving metadata


Palette: Filter term disappears when field focus is lost


New Containers: I can drop a Transformer in the middle of the canvas generating an invalid UI


HTTP Listener: when having long strings in the status code the size of the text box starts growing


Wrong URL displayed after successful CloudHub deployment


New Launcher: Properties placeholders are not being resolved in the project


New Launcher: Projects that don’t support domains allow me to configure a Domain with no error


New Containers: when dropping a CC in the process area I’m not prompt to add the libraries to the project


Domains: it is not being detected when the Domain project has already added a CC library


Problem editing display name of Choice in the canvas


DataMapper :: NPE :: Failed to write object structure. Original value will be preserved


Domains: Exception thrown when running an application with a Domain


Domains: validation problem when running applications with runtimes that don’t support Domains


New Containers: Global Exception Strategies gets moved to the top of the canvas when they used to be at the bottom


New Containers: I can drop an outbound endpoint in the Trigger part of the flow


New Containers: Convert to Inbound / outbound has no effect


New Containers: Missing and disabled options in Wrap in contextual menu


New Containers: Extract to


[New Launcher] NPE when deleting Domain


New Containers: you can add more than one ES to a flow


Eclipse Luna :: Shrink Metadata save and help icons


Domains: Prevent Domains projects to be deployed to CloudHub


Drawing of the editors it’s working too slowly in comparison with Gasher and with big projects it is impossible to use


Database ClassCastException misleading when unable to connect to a DB


Error Report Popping up in Studio when Opening / Closing Projects


Scatter-Gather: Save failed when using custom aggregation strategy


log4j2.xml custom configuration is not working when Mule Runtime Launcher(3.6.0+) is enabled


[New Launcher] Exporting Domain does not have 'exclude projects' option


New containers :: Arrows still present after deleting the element in the flow


Import/export :: 'Imported runtime not installed' incorrectly displayed


[New Launcher] There was a problem reading the domain associated with the project


[New launcher] Unhandled event loop exception importing Domains


DataMapper: NPE when creating mapping using an XML


DataSense :: An internal error occurred during: "Saving DataSense caches…​".


[New Launcher] Errors running builder 'Mule Domain Builder'


When opening a workspace already created an internal error occurred during: "Initializing Java Tooling".


Recursive building workspace when deleting a Domain


[New Launcher] Validation error in Domain XML


Problem with drag and drop of a response block


Remove domain configuration when changing the runtime version to a version that does not support domains


Import/Export: Let the user rename the project when importing


Response: problem with drag and drop


Error markers are not shown in the response section


Applications with older version of the ESB Runtime can not be deployed


WMQ XA Connector is present under 'Connectors' category and it should be placed under 'Connector Configuration'


I can wrap a Composite Source in a Poll


I can Extract to Subflow a Poll in a Message Source


Extract to in an empty scope generates lot of Exceptions and studio to work badly


When I drop a batch over a flow it is added below the flow


Drag and drop of a scope inside of a choice generates a Null Pointer Exception


I can drop Exception Strategies inside of a Response block


Problem with Drag and Drop of a Scope inside a Scatter Gather


DataMapper doesn’t detect the XSD file selected in the input side


Long names in a Scatter Gather are cut by the scope


Drag and Drop: Response scope can be drop inside other scopes


NPE when adding CCs libraries


[New Launcher] NPE in "org.eclipse.core.resources" when mavenizing a Domain


HTTP Listener / Request: Global TLS configuration doesn’t have a default radio button selected


WSDL Consumer does not support WSDL with multiple parts.


WSDL Consumer fails during WSDL metadata loading.


DataMapper: NPE doesn’t allow me to create a mapping from an XML to Sth


I can 'Wrap In' Message Processors inside a Composite Source and this make the MP disappear from the canvas


Deploy to application repository with invalid credentials


Response: when changing the flow to one way or deleting the Message Source all the Response section disappears


OPTION + 3 / ALT + 3 shortcut in an Spanish layout keyboard match the hash ( # ) key


TCP inbound endpoint is not drawn as request response


When dragging and dropping a Global ES to a flow the name attribute should be removed from it as it fails on runtime


Preferences display a cross even when organization data is valid


Batch threading profile always saves a value in the XML


[New Launcher] Cannot run and export a domain and a project with mvn support


HTTP Request: NPE when opening editor


Running domain+app(s) from the Run Configuration dialog does not work


Wrong background color in certain components


Sign theme library JARs with Mule certificates


Cannot deploy to CH from Studio


HTTP: parameters disappear when request editor loads


Deploy to CloudHub usability and issues


Validate JSON schema :: Timer interceptor window Next button performs no action


3.6 Studio help text truncated by images


When wrapping an inbound endpoint in a Poll the endpoint does not change to outbound.


Validate JSON Schema :: Help content not found


When adding the new HTTP in a flow using Maven the mule-module-http does not get added to the pom.xml file


DataMapper doesn’t support label (DataSense Model) for Maps


log4j configuration in app is overridden by one provided by plugin


HTTP Connector: value parameters get removed


New containers :: Arrows overlapped after selecting a Message Processor


'Deprecated' keyword is triplicated in Message Processors


MuleConfigurationsCache leak


Deploy to CloudHub :: Error messages "Enter User name" and "Enter Password" when fields are filled


Importing a deployable archive created by exporting with no sources causes "Invalid Folder structure" warning


Importing a mule project including sources may create duplicate resources


URLs that are valid but don’t have RAMLs that trigger errors


No way to understand schema/example errors in RAML


RAML location disappears when editing HTTP request configuration


Mule Debugger View doesn’t display Batch Record Variables


Error Message thrown when creating some Global Elements


When using Client Credentials in HTTP Request Config Studio is setting the namespace for OAuth2 but not the schema location


Configuration Element: useTransrpotForUris checkbox is checked when default is unchecked.


Transactional scope not saving Action attribute in flow view


When creating a TLSContext studio places key-store before trust-store element in the XML and it should be the other way around


Token Manager Config: remove default value from Object Store Ref


HTTP Request: there’s no way to set the failure-status-code-validator or success-status-code-validator


Remove autoDelete from endpoint configuration


HTTP Response Builder: builder element is not a header it should be place in a different section


HTTP Listener: change label from Enable Streaming to Response Streaming Mode


HTTP Listener: elements are written in the XML in the wrong order


HTTP Global config: change label from 'Connection Timeout' to 'Connection Idle Timeout'


HTTP Listener: parse attribute is missing


HTTP listener should have sensible defaults


OAuth namespace not added


Changing connector information loses HTTP request properties


Required attribute message contains wrong attribute name


HTTP Request: when typing a url for the RAML Location Studio tries to parse the RAML location for each key you press


HTTP Request: when creating a global config it is not set in the connector configuration and it is not listed


New key is added when datasense reads data from cache


HTTP Request: Global config is a required attribute


Not able to add external JARs


HTTP Listener: Error in status code is not marked in the Message Processor window


HTTP Request: in the Global config Host and Port should be required attributes


HTTP Request: need to fix editor defaults values in Sockets tab for Keep Alive and Send TCP No Delay


HTTP Request: Change one of the 'Connection Timeout' labels in the Sockets tab


Studio .exe icon is not transparent


Application Deployer does not work on Studio when using API gateway runtime


Add disablePropertiesAsHeaders to Response Builder Editors


HTTPS and port not set correctly when using RAML


Viewing properties and not changing anything marks files as unsaved


[New theme] Tabs are not rendered properly on windows.


Studio shows description element as a message processor in the flow canvas


Problems with Choice Validations


Getting error "flow-ref is not allowed to be child of element when


Salesforce connector


Integration app restart loop in Studio nightly build

Hardware and Software System Requirements


This version of Anypoint Studio requires Java 7. Java 6 is not supported, and Java 8 is not currently supported by the Mule 3.6.0 Runtime or later.

For most use cases, Anypoint Studio January 2015 with 3.6.0 Runtime does not change the hardware and software system requirements established by Anypoint Studio October 2014 with 3.5.2 Runtime. MuleSoft recommends a minimum of 4 GB RAM on a developer workstation. As applications become complex, consider adding more RAM. Please contact MuleSoft with any questions you may have about system requirements.

Deprecated in this Release

The following list of Message Processors has been deprecated:

  • HTTP Endpoint / Connector

  • HTTP Response Builder (Component)

  • HTTP Response to Object (Transformer)

  • HTTP Response to String (Transformer)

  • Message to HTTP Response (Transformer)

  • Object to HTTP Request (Transformer)

  • Body to Parameter (Transformer)

  • Service Lookup (Connector)

  • Result set to Maps (Transformer)

Migration Guide

This section presents configuration considerations you may want to adjust when migrating from a previous version of a Mule runtime, or previous version of Studio. Contact MuleSoft Support if you have a question about a specific migration activity or concern.

You can easily import all of the external components that you had installed in your old version of Anypoint Studio through a single action. This includes connectors, runtimes, and any other type of extension added through the Anypoint Exchange or the ​Help → Install new software​ menu, as long as there are no compatibility restrictions.

Do this by selecting File→Import and then choose Install→From existing installation.


Then specify the location of your old version of Anypoint Studio in your local drive.

Migrating to the Latest Version

Because the base version of Eclipse used by Anypoint Studio has changed from 3.8 to 4.4 (Eclipse Luna), Studio cannot be updated. Users must download and install the latest version.
  • Mule ESB 3.6.0 only works in Anypoint Studio January 2015 Release (version 5.0.0). Older Mule ESB runtimes can still be installed in the new Anypoint Studio release.

  • API Gateway requires version 1.3.1 to work with the new Studio version.

  • APIkit 1.5.1 only works in runtimes whose versions are smaller than 3.6.0. APIkit 1.6.0 works in the 3.6.0 runtime and above (see JIRA STUDIO-5955).

  • Java 7 is now required for Anypoint Studio. If you are deploying to Java 6 runtimes, you can continue to configure Java 6 as the Java runtime for your project.

To replace the deprecated HTTP connector for the new high-performance HTTP Connector, refer to Migrating to the New HTTP Connector.

If you wish to install a previous runtime or a community runtime, follow the instructions to add additional runtimes to your new instance of Studio.

JIRA Issue Reference

New Features and Functionality

JIRA Summary


Add missing TCP Connector


Implement "Rename" refactor


Added the ability to remove an scope without removing the elements inside of it


Persist property view tab selection


If user searches for All in palette


Query builder filters don’t look right on Windows


[New Launcher] Modify run-configurations to include list of applications to deploy.


HTTP client add support for oauth configuration


[HTTP Connector] listener and listener-config elements


[Http Connector] When RAML file is selected host


[New Launcher] Allow selection of more than one application in a Mule Run Configuration


[New Launcher] Allow selection of Mule Domains in a Mule Run Configuration.


[New Launcher] Allow users to select a Mule Server in each Mule Run Configuration


[New Launcher] Migrate current run configurations to new ones


[New Launcher] Create Mule Domain project


[New Launcher] Associate a Mule Project to its parent Mule Domain


[New Launcher] Mule Domain projects management : delete


[New Launcher] Package Mule Domain projects


[New Launcher] Export/Import a Mule Project with reference to a Mule Domain


[New Launcher] Allow to reference elements defined in a Mule Domain from other Mule projects


[New Launcher] Edit Mule Domain project mule-project.xml file


[New Launcher] Datasense support in Mule Domain projects


[New Launcher] Classpath management in domain projects


[New Launcher] Debugging support while using Mule Domains


[New Launcher] Debugging support using multi Mule Project applications


[New Launcher] Deploy Mule domain applications to the embedded Mule Server.


[New Launcher] Domain support for CE


[New Launcher] Support Mule Domains when deploying using Maven


HTTP Connector


HTTP Connector


HTTP connector


HTTP connector


[New Launcher] Import/Export Mule Domain projects


HTTP Connector


Add support for new Json Schema Validator


Http Connector


HTTP connector


Force reload of DataSense metadata


Add new icons for minimizing flows


Prompt user about analytics collection


Select RAML in Library from HTTP connector


HTTP Listener: the method attribute is not required anymore


HTTP Response Builder: missing scroll bar


Partner Request: Add DataMapper Graphical view by double clicking .grf


Add HTTP properties and variables into DataSense


Adding a library to a domain global element should place that library in the domain project


HTTP Request should support HOST and PORT attributes in the URL Settings


Anypoint Studio

JIRA Summary


The validation message for the Java component UI is not user friendly


CSV lookup table uses an absolute path instead of a relative path for a CSV file located within the project


Easy way to access a flow through a flow reference


Improve the dialog when attempting to re-launch a currently running mule application


JSON to Object transformer should have return type on main page


Close Welcome Screen when user uses File menu to create a new project


New Project Dialog: Change .gitignore wording


File Endpoint: Change the "Output Pattern" field title


Mule Properties View: Remove "Apply Properties" and "Restore Properties" icons.


Add a way to edit the doc:name attribute of a Poll from the edition view


Shortcut to switch between 'Message Flow' and 'Configuration XML' views


Message Properties: Move "Add Message Property" to the top of the connector details


Canvas: Can’t right click connector at beginning of flow and wrap in poll


F3 for jump to flow doesn’t work for flows in different xmls


Add a way to jump from a Batch Execute to the correspondent Batch Job


Move add message property to top of properties


Navigation: Focus should jump to newly added message processors


Extend tooltip expiry period


Tests: SingleMuleProjectIntegrationTest only run if .class files are committed




Cached Classloaders should not be lazy initialized


Save modified resources :: list of resources not specified


Hide unnecessary icons in toolbar


Add shortcut to "Run as Mule Application


Implement flows using containers


Remove all references to the non-container Flow elements


Add loading widget when opening Library


Datasense won’t work if there’s no save action (xml paste) over the message processor


Examples in Library


New Project from Example / Template in Menus


Remove Example projects from Studio


DataSense should not run if jar requirements are not met


Improve the way Log4j files are managed when launching the embedded server


Support back and forth navigation on the Mule Flow Editor.


Rename Request/Listener config to Connector Configuration


Test connectivity button’s label should be parameterized from a connector


Flow Properties are dodgy


Response Block inconsistent


New Containers: Transactional element has more visual weight than the flow


New Containers: Name of the container should have a Darker color


New Containers: Do not show the display name in the Canvas if it is the Default display name


New Containers: can’t start a flow dropping a poll


Improve debugger usability


Dropdowns & Combo Boxes: Sort all options in each list


Warn users of server version mismatch between the launching projects and the server configured in the launch configuration


Domains: If a project has set a domain that doesn’t exists anymore


Start new project from example icon should be the same as for templates


Add welcome page for linux


Adding go to implementation action in the context menu when right clicking an element in canvas


HTTP: Fill OAuth Configuration with RAML information


HTTP: OAuth should support TLS configuration


HTTP: Update labels in configuration definitions


HTTP: Parameters should support autocompletion.


Protocol configuration selector for HTTP listener-config and request-config


Library Icon Tooltip: Remove "Templates

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