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Install rtfctl

Install the rtfctl utility to locally manage Runtime Fabrics. The rtfctl utility supports the following actions:

  • Get the status of a Runtime Fabric.

  • Perform a heap dump or a thread dump of a running application.

  • Display memory usage of a running application.

  • Manage proxy settings.

  • Manage secure properties.

  • Manage a Mule license.

Install rtfctl

To perform this procedure, you must have root privileges to a controller node running Runtime Fabric.
  1. Download the latest version of the rtfctl command-line utility:

    1. On a controller node, use your terminal to run the following command:

      cd /opt/anypoint/runtimefabric
      sudo curl -L -o rtfctl
    2. Change file permissions for the rtfctl binary:

      sudo chmod +x rtfctl

List Supported Commands

To list all supported commands, run rtfctl -h.

For more information on a specific command, run rtfctl <command> -h.


  • Install a Mule license

    1. Make sure to base64 encode the license, following the instructions in Base64 Encode your Mule License Key.

    2. Run the following command:

      $ sudo ./rtfctl apply mule-license '<license-key-information>'
      Updating rtf namespace... OK

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