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Add or Remove a Node from a Runtime Fabric

Runtime Fabric enables you to add and remove nodes from a Runtime Fabric. Scenarios where you may need to add or remove a node include:

  • Add a node to scale-up a Runtime Fabric.

  • Delete or add nodes to ensure the health and stability of a Runtime Fabric.

  • Delete a node, perform an OS patch, then re-add the node to a Runtime Fabric.

Add a Node to Runtime Fabric

Before adding a node, provision the infrastructure for the new node. To be able to join the cluster, the new node must be on the same network as your Runtime Fabric installation.

  1. On the virtual machine of the new node create the /opt/anypoint/runtimefabric directory:

    mkdir -p /opt/anypoint/runtimefabric
  2. Copy the init.sh installation script to the new node under the /opt/anypoint/runtimefabric directory.

    This script is included in the files you downloaded when installing Runtime Fabric.

  3. Copy the environment file from the /opt/anypoint/runtimefabric directory of an existing node to the same directory on the new node.

    Ensure that you copy the environment file from the correct node type (controller or worker).

  4. Modify the following environment variables in the environment file you just copied:



    • RTF_ETCD_DEVICE (controller nodes only)

    • Remove RTF_ACTIVATION_DATA if it is present

    • RTF_INSTALL_ROLE=joiner

    • RTF_INSTALLER_IP=<IP address of the lead controller node>, as shown in the following example:



    • RTF_NODE_ROLE=worker_node (worker nodes only)

  5. Run the init.sh script on the new node as a privileged user. You may need to add executable permissions when running this script:

    sudo chmod +x ./init.sh

    This script causes the new node to join the Runtime Fabric cluster.

  6. Verify the new node was added to the Runtime Fabric:

    sudo gravity status

Remove a Node from Runtime Fabric

To remove a node from a Runtime Fabric cluster, run the following command:

sudo gravity leave

This command shuts down all Runtime Fabric services running on the node. Additionally, all software and data is removed.

If successful, this command outputs the ID of the initiated removal operation. You can monitor the the progress of this command using the following command:

gravity status

If the node cannot be removed using sudo gravity leave you may need to run the command again using the --force option. You can also remove a node remotely by running the following command:

sudo gravity remove <node-name>

<node> specifies the node to remove and can be either the node’s assigned hostname or its IP address.

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