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To View Activity About a Server Using the Dashboard (Hybrid)

The servers dashboard provides information about server performance, including heap memory and CPU performance. It also provides the following information:

  • A list of applications deployed to the server

  • The status of each application

  • Mule messages for each application

  • Error messages for each application

If you select any of the servers, server groups or clusters on the Servers tab, a panel opens on the right. Here you can read additional information and access some configuration items.


What this dashboard displays depends on whether it’s a server, server group, or cluster and on what Mule versions are in use. You will always see the status, the Mule version installed in it (server groups and clusters must all have the same Mule version installed to work together), the Runtime Manager agent version in use, in case of clusters and server groups you will also see the type (unicast or multicast).

A series of tabs in the bottom allow you to see details about:

On all panels, two buttons are displayed:

  • The View Dashboard button, which takes you to the server’s dashboard page. This page displays more detailed performance metrics and the evolution of these over time, see Monitoring Dashboards for more on this.

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    Dashboards are a feature that isn’t currently available on the Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition
  • The Manage Server, Manage Group, or Manage Cluster button, which takes you to the [Settings Page].

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