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This page lists the URLs of all the update sites for the June 2015 Anypoint Studio with 3.7.0 Runtime. Verify your Studio version before proceeding, as installing updates from the incorrect update sites can cause errors.

To check your version of Anypoint Studio, go to Anypoint Studio > About Anypoint Studio.

To access these update sites in Studio:

  1. Go to Help > Install New Software.

  2. Select one of these update sites from the drop-down menu next to the Work with field.

  3. If you don’t see the site you need, click Add to add it manually.

Note: None of the URLs listed below are accessible from a browser. Only use them in the Anypoint Studio Work with field.

Name Contains/Notes

Anypoint Studio Update Site

Updates for Anypoint Studio application itself.


  • DataWeave and DataMapper Designer updates

  • SAP Connector

  • Mule ESB Server 3.7.n EE Runtime

Mule ESB Runtimes for Studio

Mule ESB Server Runtime 3.7.0 CE

Anypoint Connectors Update Site.

All Community, Standard, Select, and Premium Anypoint Connectors available for Studio installation. Connector names are appended with the minimal runtime they support.

APIkit Update Site


  • APIkit Studio Plugin updates

  • RAML API Editor updates

Read more about APIkit.

API Gateway Update Site

API Gateway runtime - For initial installation, see Install API Gateway Runtime.

Anypoint Enterprise Security


  • Mule Security Module Extensions:

    • CRC-32

    • Encrypted Property Placeholder

    • Encryption

    • OAuth 2 Provider

    • Security Filters

    • Signature

  • Anypoint Studio Properties File Editor

Note: You need an Enterprise license to run applications containing Anypoint Enterprise Security features.

Anypoint DevKit Update Site

Anypoint Connector DevKit Studio Module.

Anypoint Studio Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse plugin version of Anypoint Studio Read more about installing Anypoint Studio as an Eclipse Plugin.


MUnit framework for testing Mule Applications

Are you behind a firewall?

If you are on a network with firewall restrictions, you may find that the Studio update sites are blocked and you are unable to download extensions. Configure your firewall so that it allows the following sites, which permits Studio to connect to the above update sites:

Allow on Firewall:







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