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Deploy More Than One Application in Studio

Anypoint Studio allows you to deploy more than one application into the same Mule instance through parallel deployment.

Deploying more than one application simultaneously.

To deploy more than one application into the same Mule Runtime instance:

  1. Make sure all the Mule projects you want to deploy are open and visible in your Package Explorer.

    For this example, we are deploying MuleApp1 and MuleApp2 simultaneously.

  2. Go to Run and select Run Configurations…​.

    1. From the left navigation bar, select one of the Mule applications you want to deploy.

    2. Under the Mule domains/projects to launch select all the applications you want to deploy.

      parallel deployment 99dab

      If the Mule application is not an open project in Studio, you won’t be able to select it.

    3. Select Apply.

    4. Click OK to finish.

  3. After Studio finishes deploying your project, you should see a notification in the console showing all select applications deployed

    *            - - + APPLICATION + - -            *       - - + DOMAIN + - -       * - - + STATUS + - - *
    * MuleApp2                                      * default                        * DEPLOYED           *
    * MuleApp1                                      * default                        * DEPLOYED           *

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