Integration with Exchange 2.0

Anypoint Studio 6.4 allows you to connect to Exchange 2.0 to publish your project as a new asset.

The integration with Exchange 2.0 only works for Mavenized projects.

By default, Studio 6.4 points to the Exchange 2.0 URL

To Publish to Exchange 2.0

  1. In a Mavenized project, right click the project folder on your Package Explorer View.

  2. Select Anypoint Platform and then Publish to Exchange.

  3. Select your Anypoint Platform user and business group.

    • Additionally you can click the "Add Account" button to use a new Anypoint Platform account.

  4. Review the information about your project:

    • Group Id: This field is required. The group Id for your project is the Organization Id of your Anypoint Platform Organization.

    • Artifact Id: This field is required. The artifact Id is the name of your project without a version. By default, Studio uses the artifact Id configured in your pom.xml file.

    • Version: This field is required. The version of the asset you are publishing.

  5. Select a project type.

  6. Select the "Save updated project information to the pom.xml" if you want to update your pom.xml file with the data you just provided.

    If selected, the "Save updated project information to the pom.xml" option updates your local project’s information with the data configured in the Publish to Exchange window.
    If not, the project is deployed with the configured data, but your local project information is not updated.

  7. Click Finish.

You can follow the deployment progress in the Console View.
After confirmed, the deployment to Exchange 2.0 cannot be stopped.

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